Short codes

Allotment of Shortcodes

S.No Short Code Allotted to Purpose Download Dated
347 14410 National Health Mission Directorate of Health Services Government of Madhya Pradesh as centralized helpline for Tele Consultation Download (758.49 KB) application/pdf 16.08.2022
346 Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited HGCL helpline to provide single point of contact for public in case of accident or any emergencies on Outer Ring Road Download (876.31 KB) application/pdf 03.08.2022
345 14451 Central Bureau of Investigation New Delhi Anti Corruption Helpline Download (802.03 KB) application/pdf 26.07.2022
344 Department for Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens Persons with Disabilities Helpline Download (866.75 KB) application/pdf 13.07.2022
343 149 Transport Department Government of Andhra Pradesh for enquiry of public road transport utility Download (1.72 MB) application/pdf 13.07.2022


S.NO. Title Download Dated
40 Allocation of Short Code as National consumer Helpline to ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, govt of India Download (731.56 KB) application/pdf 12.09.2016
39 Allocation of short code 14441 to National Informatics Centre Download (260.47 KB) application/pdf 24.10.2016
38 Allotment of short code 14444 for cash Mukt Bharat Abhiyan Helpline regarding Download (265.37 KB) application/pdf 05.12.2016
37 Allotment of short code 14444 for cash mukt Bharat Abhiyan Helpline Download (265.37 KB) application/pdf 05.12.2016
36 Allocation of short code 155350 to Aviators Air Rescue Pvt ltd Download (282.03 KB) application/pdf 24.10.2016


Allotment of Short codes-1

S.No Short Code Allotted to Purpose Download Dated
64 14446 Department of Governance Reforms, Govt. of Punjab citizens essential services and grievance redressal system Helpline Download (858.72 KB) application/pdf 26.04.2021
63 1902 Centre for e-Governance, DPAR, Govt. of Karnataka iPGRS Helpline to centre for e-Governance Download (851.97 KB) application/pdf 12.04.2021
62 14417 Directorate of Mid Day Meal & School Sanitation, Government of Andhra Pradesh to establish integrated call center Download (1.01 MB) application/pdf 18.03.2021
61 1905 Directorate of Governance Reforms, Government of Punjab Unified state helpline Download (793.85 KB) application/pdf 18.03.2021
60 155330 Directorate of Training & Employment, Uttar Pradesh Government Sewamitra Helpline Download (753.4 KB) application/pdf 10.03.2021


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