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Apply for ISP Authorisation under Unified License

Presently, all the licenses including Internet Service Provider (ISP) Licenses for category ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ are being issued under Unified License. Detailed guideline of Unified License is available, vide letter No. 20-281/2010-AS-I (Vol VI) dated 28.03.2016 (Click Here). The Applicant companies desirous of getting the ISP Authorization under Unified License may refer to these Unified License Guidelines. However, the applicant companies may submit the application online on SARAL(Simplified Application for Registration and Licenses) SANCHAR portal (Click here) form in the format (Click Here) along with appendix provided in the following table:

S. No.

Documents required


Sample Copy


Two Application Forms in prescribed format

(a)     Two Original Application Forms to be submitted

(b)     Each page to be ink signed by authorized signatory

(c)     All paras of Application form to be filled

(d)     Name of the service area to be filled as per Guidelines.

(e)     Application Form Performa and guidelines (Click Here)

Appendix-I.pdf (2,309 kb) pdf icon


Copy of Certificate of Incorporation  along Articles of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA)

(a)     Certificate of Incorporation along with complete copy (all pages) of AoA and MoA to be submitted. Each and every page to be certified by Company secretary/ Statutory Auditor and countersigned by Authorized Signatory of the company.

(b)     Provision of Internet service should exist in main object clause of MoA

Appendix-II.pdf (6,979 kb)pdf icon


Non Refundable Processing Fee

(a) Processing fee to be submitted preferably through Bharatkosh (

Alternatively, may be submitted through Demand Draft- payable at New Delhi in name of Pay and Accounts Officer Headquarter, DOT.

(b)     For Category ‘A’= Rs. 50,000

(c)     For Category ‘B’= Rs. 15,000 per service area

(d)     For Category ‘C’=Rs. 10,000 per service area



Original Power of Attorney by resolution of board of Directors that the person signing the application is authorized signatory on stamp paper

(a)     The Power of Attorney in favour of authorized signatory on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/-. To be given through Board Resolution. To be signed by a person other than in whose favour it is being given. It should bear the seal of the company. It should be notorized. It should have specimen signature of Authorized signatory.

(b)     A separate Board Resolution on company letterhead duly signed by board of Directors is also to be submitted.

Appendix-III (764 kb) pdf iconand Appendix-IV(333 kb) pdf icon


Details of Promoters/Partners/shareholder in the company

To be submitted on company letterhead and signed by Authorized Signatory as per para 7(a) of the application Form. Complete break up of 100% equity to be submitted. In case another company is having some shareholding in the applicant company, then complete breakup of shareholding of that company also to be given. All pages to be ink signed.

Appendix-V (312 kb) pdf icon


Total Equity detail certificate


To be  submitted as per para 7(b) of Application form. Indian and Foreign equity break up to be given. To be Certified by Company secretary/ Statutory Auditor and countersigned by authorized signatory of Company. All pages to be ink signed.

Appendix-VI (256 kb) pdf icon


Certified copy of approval of Govt of India for Foreign Equity (Applicable only if FDI>49%)

If company has foreign equity more than 49%, then approval to be submitted duly Certified by Company secretary/ Statutory Auditor and countersigned by authorized signatory of Company. All pages to be ink signed

Appendix-VII (2.13 MB) pdf icon


Board resolution regarding appointment of statutory auditor along with specimen signature of CA

If Certificate of Incorporation, MoA, AoA and Equity certificate are certified by Statutory Auditor(CA) , then a Board resolution on company letter head is to be submitted for  appointment of statutory auditor along with specimen signature of CA. To be signed by authorised signatory.

Appendix-VIII (348 kb) pdf icon


 Registered office Address in the application form should be same as mentioned in Certificate of Incorporation. If Registered office has been changed, then a certified copy of Form INC-22 / Form 18 with GAR & Challan copy (to be certified from Company Secretary/ Statutory Auditor) is to be submitted.

Appendix-IX (1.13 MB) pdf icon



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