Short codes

Allotment of Shortcodes

S.No Short Code Allotted to Purpose Download Dated
162 MSC-3/9912 M/s Idea Cellular Ltd Change of SP Code Download (315.81 KB) application/pdf 20.06.2016
161 M/s RJIL Allocation of SPC Codes for Fixed Access Services Download (618.59 KB) application/pdf 17.06.2016
160 155237 All Access Service Providers Helpline for Mid Day Meal Scheme Download (305.77 KB) application/pdf 30.06.2016
159 155234 All Access Service Providers Mahila Samman Prakoshtha, Lucknow Download (322.23 KB) application/pdf 30.05.2016
158 112 Mobile Phone Handset Manufacturers Implementation of Software patches for inclusion of panic button Download (604.94 KB) application/pdf 23.05.2016


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