Short codes

Allotment of Shortcodes

S.No Short Code Allotted to Purpose Download Dated
117 104 State Govt. Of Chhattisgarh Allocation of Short Code '104' as 'Health Information Helpline' to State Govt. Of Chhattisgarh-regarding Download (21.52 KB) application/pdf 27.08.2013
116 10581 State Government of Karnatkaas Allocation of Short Code"10581"as Helpline State Government of Karnatkaas Prohibition Helpline Download (23.41 KB) application/pdf 30.09.2013
115 1950 Difficulties in accessing Difficulties in accessing "1950" Download (45.09 KB) application/pdf 15.10.2013
114 1037 Public Grievances Cell, Dot HQ Telecom consumerGrievances REdressal Helpline Download (22.6 KB) application/pdf 21.10.2013
113 Allocation of Sp Codes Download (56.3 KB) application/pdf 23.10.2013


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