Short codes

Allotment of Shortcodes

S.No Short Code Allotted to Purpose Download Dated
132 101 Government of Maharastra Short code number for providing Emergency and Disaster Management Helpline to Government of Maharastra(Directorate of Maharastra Fire services)-Regarding. Download (25.21 KB) application/pdf 03.07.2013
131 155304 Ahedabad MunicipalCorporation(AMC) Re-allotment of shote code"155304" for cmprehensive Complain System(CCRS)to Ahedabad MunicipalCorporation(AMC) Download (24.2 KB) application/pdf 22.07.2013
130 1099 State Government of Bihar Allocation of Short code '1099'as Central Accident and Trauma Service' to State Government of Bihar. Download (22.46 KB) application/pdf 08.02.2013
129 1099 State Government of Bihar Allocation of short cotde '1099' as "Central Accident and Trauma Services to State Government of Bihar Download (185.6 KB) application/pdf 12.08.2013
128 104 State Govt. of Chhattisgarh regarding Allocation of Short code '104' as "Health Information Helpline" to State Govt. of Chhattisgarh regarding. Download (19.3 KB) application/pdf 27.08.2013


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