Short codes

Allotment of Shortcodes

S.No Short Code Allotted to Purpose Download Dated
102 Allocation of Short Code '104' as Health Information Helpline' to State Govt. of Jharkhand regarding. Download (37.66 KB) application/pdf 14.02.2014
101 Allocation of Short code '1036' as 'Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes Helpline' to State Govt.of Chhattisgarh regarding. Download (16.38 KB) application/pdf
100 Allocation of Short Code'1064' asDelhi POlice Anti COrruption Helpline. Download (16.97 KB) application/pdf 18.02.2014
99 Allocation of Short Code '1950' for SMS Based Service to Election Commision of India Download (42.54 KB) application/pdf 17.02.2014
98 10580 Allocation of a Short Code for Educational & Vocational and Counselling purpose to all State/UTs Council of Educational Research & Training(SCERT) Download (438.82 KB) application/pdf 25.02.2014


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