S.No. Title Download Date
188 Custom bid for procurement of 16 vehicles through GeM portal by Wireless Monitoring Organisation डाउनलोड (108.09 KB) pdf 07.10.2022
187 Extension of timeline for study of spectrum demand for CNPN डाउनलोड (1.3 MB) pdf 29.09.2022
186 Launching of Single Scrutiny Workflow i.r.o. various categories of licenses/ approvals administered by IMT Group, WPC Wing, on Saralsanchar portal of DoT डाउनलोड (94.91 KB) pdf 29.09.2022
185 Corrigendum to List of admitted/rejected candidates for RTR-A examination at HYDERABAD center डाउनलोड (2.54 MB) pdf 24.09.2022
184 Result of the RTR-Aero Examination held at Delhi during 22.08.2022 to 20.09.2022 डाउनलोड (6.96 MB) pdf 23.09.2022
183 List of Admitted and Rejected Candidates for RTR-A Examination-2022 to be held at HYDERABAD Centre w.e.f.17.10.2022 डाउनलोड (25.51 MB) pdf 22.09.2022
182 Launching of Data migration Modules i.r.o. various categories of RLO licenses on Saralsanchar portal डाउनलोड (655.33 KB) pdf 07.09.2022
181 Additional Admitted candidates for RTR- A Examination at Delhi डाउनलोड (835.06 KB) pdf 29.08.2022
180 Corrigendum related to RTR-A Examination for change of date of examination डाउनलोड (302.7 KB) pdf 18.08.2022
179 List of Admitted/Rejected candidates for RTR-A Examination at Delhi डाउनलोड (5.49 MB) pdf 13.08.2022
178 Result of the RTR Aero examination held at Chennai during 27.06.2022 to 04.08.2022 डाउनलोड (816.87 KB) pdf 10.08.2022
177 OM for study of spectrum demand for direct assignment to CNPN डाउनलोड (211.95 KB) pdf 09.08.2022
176 Bid for procurement of 16 vehicles through Government E-marketplace GeM by Wireless Monitoring Organisation डाउनलोड (82.75 KB) pdf 05.08.2022
175 Import of Wireless Equipment by TSPs डाउनलोड (943.29 KB) pdf 04.08.2022
174 Modification in Frequency Agreement Order dated 25.07.2022 डाउनलोड (6.45 MB) pdf 25.07.2022
173 Guidelines for Allotment of E-band dated 25/07/2022 डाउनलोड (4.2 MB) pdf 25.07.2022
172 Addendum for MWA/MWB Guidelines dated 25/07/2022 डाउनलोड (1.4 MB) pdf 25.07.2022
171 Extension of deadline for DPL Holders to migrate and update stock on Saralsanchar डाउनलोड (80.06 KB) pdf 19.07.2022
170 Administrative Assignments for Captive Users डाउनलोड (334.32 KB) pdf 13.07.2022
169 Access Spectrum Holdings of TSPs as on 08-07-2022 डाउनलोड (8.05 MB) pdf 08.07.2022


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