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61 Soochna ke Adhikar-2005 ke Adheen aavedan patra dinank 22.06.2017 12.09.2017
62 Test Schedule Test Procedure (TSTP) for rollout obligation for 3G Technology-UMTS/WCDMA 12.09.2017
63 Withdrawal of Fixed Line Series earlier allocated to M/s Rcom. 12.09.2017
64 Amendment to Broadband Policy, 2004 12.09.2017
65 Pre-bid conference for Spectrum Auction. 12.09.2017
66 Application for Frequency assignment to the Successful Bidder in the Auction 2016 12.09.2017
67 Guidelines for signing of Tripartite Agreement 12.09.2017
68 Notice Inviting Applications 2016 12.09.2017
69 New The 5th Meeting of the APT Conference Preparatory Group for WRC 15 APG15 5 from 27 July 1August 2015, in Seoul, Republic of Korea on APT Fellowship. 12.09.2017
70 9th ITU World Telecommunication / ICT indicators meeting (WTIM), port Louis, Mauritius, 7th to 9th December. 2011 - Reg 12.09.2017
71 2013 JPN-JTEC ANTSBE_OfferingLtr 12.09.2017
72 Allocation of System I.D for use in CDMA network of M/S SIstema Shyam Service Limited(SSTL) 12.09.2017
73 Allocation of MSC Codes to RJIL-Corrigendum 12.09.2017
74 Change of address of SP codes of M/s Bharti Airtel & M/s Vodafone. 12.09.2017
75 Allocation of MSC Codes to RJIL & Idea Cellular Ltd. 12.09.2017
76 Allocation of MSC Codes to Bharti Airtel Ltd. & Bharti Hexacom Ltd. 12.09.2017
77 Allocation of MSC Codes to M/s RJIL. 12.09.2017
78 MSC Code series 9340 re-allocated to M/s RJIL for M.P LSA after surrendering by M/s RCom. 12.09.2017
79 Change of address of SP codes to M/s Idea Cellular Ltd., Bharti Airtel & M/s Vodafone. 12.09.2017
80 Allotment of numbering levels for Basic access services to RJIL. 12.09.2017
81 Corrigendum-Alloaction of MSC code to M/s Bharti Hexacom Ltd.-regarding 12.09.2017
82 All Access Service Providers 12.09.2017
83 एलटीई-एफडीडी प्रौद्योगिकी का उपयोग कर रोल आउट दायित्व के लिए टेस्ट अनुसूची टेस्ट प्रक्रिया (टीएसटीपी) 12.09.2017
84 Engagement of Retired Personnel as Consultant in the O/o CCA Assam Guwahati 31.05.2017
85 Allocation of short code 14405 to Excise Deptt, Chattisgarh regd. 31.05.2017
86 केंद्रीय नागरिक सेवा पेंशन अधिनियम, 1972 के नियम 37 के तहत बीएसएनएल की रिक्तियों में नियुक्ति. 09.05.2017
87 सार्वजनिक सूचना मोबाइल टॉवरो के संस्थापन से सम्बंधित धोखेबाजी के बारे में 02.03.2017
88 वार्षिक रिपोर्ट 2016-17 28.02.2017
89 दूरसंचार विभाग के कार्यालय (संचार भवन और एमटीएनएल भवन पुराना मिंटो रोड) में हाउसकीपिंग सेवाओं के लिए ई-निविदा 13.02.2017
90 एफडीआई का अन्तर्वाह 24.01.2017


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