S.No. Title Download Date
224 Public notice in regard to mis-use of 446 MHz PMR radio_28.12.2021 Download (1 MB) pdf 29.12.2021
223 The use of low power radio frequency devices for inductive applications in 9 kHz to 30 MHz_Exemption from License_Rules, 2021 Download (1.3 MB) pdf 29.12.2021
222 Notice to Manufacturers or agencies on behalf of such manufacturers that obtained ETA certificate for PMR 446 MHz license free radios Download (1.27 MB) pdf 29.12.2021
221 GMDSS Exam schedule for Year 2022 Download (947.38 KB) pdf 17.12.2021
220 The use of low power equipment in the frequency band 865-868 MHz for short range devices_Exemption from License_Rules, 2021 Download (1.47 MB) pdf 16.12.2021
219 Simplification of SACFA clearance process for installing towers_ go-live of the SACFA module Download (372.38 KB) pdf 22.11.2021
218 Letter for Extending Timeline for Technical Proposal SHF EHF MMTs Download (231.7 KB) pdf 22.11.2021
217 Technical proposal invite for SHF-EHF mobile monitoring terminals for WMO, DoT Download (1.67 MB) pdf 12.11.2021
216 Declaration of result of the RTR-Aero examination held at Mumbai during 27th September 2021 to 2nd November 2021 Download (3 MB) pdf 08.11.2021
215 spectrum sharing guidelines 2021 Download (2.36 MB) pdf 11.10.2021
214 OM on decision regarding future spectrum assignments of TSPs Download (778.07 KB) pdf 11.10.2021
213 Simplification of SACFA clearance process for installing towers_OM dated 06th Oct, 2021 Download (1.14 MB) pdf 06.10.2021
212 Clarification on Import of license_free wireless equipment_reg Download (1.4 MB) pdf 24.09.2021
211 Royalty Charges applicable for Captive VSAT networks Download (1.22 MB) pdf 24.09.2021
210 1st List of admitted or rejected candidates for RTR_A examination at Mumbai center Download (3.47 MB) pdf 15.09.2021
209 Declaration of result of the RTR_Aero examination held at Delhi during 6th to 11th September 2021 Download (5.99 MB) pdf 13.09.2021
208 Schedule for conducting Radio Telephone Operators Certificate of Proficiency RTR_Aero Examination at Mumbai Centre from 27_09_2021 onwards_Reg Download (9.33 MB) pdf 10.09.2021
207 Strict implementation of import policy by the Customs in respect of wireless equipment Download (880.11 KB) pdf 10.09.2021
206 Resumption of RTR_A examination at Delhi center from 06th September 2021 onwards Download (2.68 MB) pdf 27.08.2021
205 Resumption of GMDSS examination at Delhi Mumbai Chennai and Kolkata from the month of August 2021 Download (3.7 MB) pdf 10.08.2021


The Wireless Planning and Coordination(WPC)

Wing of the Ministry of Communications, created in 1952, is the National Radio Regulatory Authority responsible for Frequency Spectrum Management, including licensing and caters for the needs of all wireless users (Government and Private) in the country. It exercises the statutory functions of the Central Government and issues licenses to establish, maintain and operate wireless stations. WPC is divided into major sections like Licensing and Regulation (LR), New Technology Group (NTG) and Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA). SACFA makes the recommendations on major frequency allocation issues, formulation of the frequency allocation plan, making recommendations on the various issues related to International Telecom Union (ITU), to sort out problems referred to the committee by various wireless users, Siting clearance of all wireless installations in the country etc.

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