S.No. Title Download Date
135 ---- Focal point of contact for Civil Remotely Piloted Aircraft System in WPC Wing Download (132.93 KB) pdf 18.09.2020
134 ---- Procedure/ guidelines for certification of equipments by DoT under MTCTE scheme & ETA Download (308.46 KB) pdf 18.09.2020
133 ---- Requirement of WOL for administratively allotted spectrum for MWA or MWB carriers Download (1.37 MB) pdf 18.09.2020
132 ---- Simplification of WPC Import License requirements for Domestic Original Telecom Equipment Manufacturers to enable India as manufacturing Hub. Download (317.7 KB) pdf 18.09.2020
131 ---- Schedule for RTR |Aero| Examination for Year 2019 Download (1.45 MB) pdf 18.09.2020
130 ---- National Frequency Allocation Plan 2018 Download (4.07 MB) pdf 18.09.2020
129 ---- OM No. R-11014/15/2012-NT|Pt.| dated 25/09/2018 regarding frequency assignments Download (675.3 KB) pdf 18.09.2020
128 ---- Rationalisation of permissible maximum RF transmitted power output/ EIRP for WCDMA and LTE base stations Download (557.26 KB) pdf 18.09.2020
127 ---- OM No. R-11014/15/2012-NT|Pt.| dated 02/04/2019 regarding frequency assignments Download (702.18 KB) pdf 18.09.2020
126 ---- Online Sale or Purchase of Wireless Sets and Equipments Download (1.18 MB) pdf 18.09.2020
125 ---- Spectrum Trading Clarifications dated 12.5.2016 Download (8.58 MB) pdf 18.09.2020
124 ---- Certificate of technical statement Download (386.3 KB) pdf 18.09.2020
123 ---- Acceptance of all types of DoT receipts through online mode on NTRP Download (1.17 MB) pdf 18.09.2020
122 ---- OM dated 8th Sept 2016 on SACFA siting applications filling and circulation by TSPs Download (1.12 MB) pdf 18.09.2020
121 ---- Guidelines dated 16th October 2015 for Interim allotment of MWA Download (4.05 MB) pdf 18.09.2020
120 ---- New Proforma for Earth Station & TV Channel Endorsement Download (2.02 MB) pdf 18.09.2020
119 ---- Clarifications regarding ETA/Import License requirements Download (810.76 KB) pdf 18.09.2020
118 ---- Constitution of National Preparatory Committee for WRC-2019 Download (512.7 KB) pdf 18.09.2020
117 ---- Spectrum Holdings of Telecom Service Providers |TSPs| as on 31st January, 2015 Download (92.96 KB) pdf 18.09.2020
116 ---- Provisional seniority list of Gr A officers of IRRS, DoT as on 1st Jan,2018 Download (438.19 KB) pdf 18.09.2020


The Wireless Planning and Coordination(WPC)

Wing of the Ministry of Communications, created in 1952, is the National Radio Regulatory Authority responsible for Frequency Spectrum Management, including licensing and caters for the needs of all wireless users (Government and Private) in the country. It exercises the statutory functions of the Central Government and issues licenses to establish, maintain and operate wireless stations. WPC is divided into major sections like Licensing and Regulation (LR), New Technology Group (NTG) and Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA). SACFA makes the recommendations on major frequency allocation issues, formulation of the frequency allocation plan, making recommendations on the various issues related to International Telecom Union (ITU), to sort out problems referred to the committee by various wireless users, Siting clearance of all wireless installations in the country etc.

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