S.No. Title Download Date
285 Result of the RTR Aero - examination held at Delhi center during 06-02-2023 to 07-03-2023 Download (677.16 KB) pdf 10.03.2023
284 List of admitted-rejected candidates for RTR-A examination commencing from 06-02-2023 at DELHI Centre Download (1.19 MB) pdf 20.01.2023
283 Administrative Assignment OM dated 17th January 2023 Download (59.81 KB) pdf 17.01.2023
282 Result of RTR-AERO Examination held at Kolkata during 12.12.2022 to 11.01.2023 Download (10.32 MB) pdf 16.01.2023
281 O.M. on GMDSS and RTR Renewal Modules on Saralsanchar Download (132.63 KB) pdf 30.12.2022
280 Launch of Licence-Renewal Modules pertaining to WPC-RLO Download (3.01 MB) pdf 07.11.2022
279 Clarification on Spectrum Usage Charges-SUC order dated 21st June 2022 Download (799.78 KB) pdf 26.12.2022
278 GMDSS Exam schedule for Year 2023 Download (382.98 KB) pdf 15.12.2022
277 Release of RTR-A exam schedule at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata Centres for the Year 2023 Download (2.6 MB) pdf 14.12.2022
276 Declaration of result of the RTR-Aero examination held at Hyderabad during 17-10-2022 to 30-11-2022 Download (826.34 KB) pdf 02.12.2022
275 Launch of Import Module for DPL Holders on Saralsanchar Portal of DoT Download (135.17 KB) pdf 23.11.2022
274 Endorsement/De-endorsement of TV channel under the teleport license on self-declaration basis and doing away with the Data-rate requirement per TV Channel by Channel owners/Teleport Operators Download (2.29 MB) pdf 21.11.2022
273 List of admitted-rejected candidates for RTR-A examination commencing from 12-12-2022 at KOLKATA centre Download (875.74 KB) pdf 18.11.2022
272 Removal of Requirement to obtain wireless operating license for VSATs operating under commercial very small aperture terminal - Closed User Group License Download (1.04 MB) pdf 15.11.2022
271 Guidelines for Surrender of MWA MWB dt 10-11-2022 Download (1.14 MB) pdf 10.11.2022
270 Custom bid for procurement of 16 vehicles through GeM portal by Wireless Monitoring Organisation Download (108.09 KB) pdf 07.10.2022
269 Extension of timeline for study of spectrum demand for CNPN Download (1.3 MB) pdf 29.09.2022
268 Launching of Single Scrutiny Workflow i.r.o. various categories of licenses/ approvals administered by IMT Group, WPC Wing, on Saralsanchar portal of DoT Download (94.91 KB) pdf 29.09.2022
267 Corrigendum to List of admitted/rejected candidates for RTR-A examination at HYDERABAD center Download (2.54 MB) pdf 24.09.2022
266 Result of the RTR-Aero Examination held at Delhi during 22.08.2022 to 20.09.2022 Download (6.96 MB) pdf 23.09.2022


The Wireless Planning and Coordination(WPC)

Wing of the Ministry of Communications, created in 1952, is the National Radio Regulatory Authority responsible for Frequency Spectrum Management, including licensing and caters for the needs of all wireless users (Government and Private) in the country. It exercises the statutory functions of the Central Government and issues licenses to establish, maintain and operate wireless stations. WPC is divided into major sections like Licensing and Regulation (LR), New Technology Group (NTG) and Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA). SACFA makes the recommendations on major frequency allocation issues, formulation of the frequency allocation plan, making recommendations on the various issues related to International Telecom Union (ITU), to sort out problems referred to the committee by various wireless users, Siting clearance of all wireless installations in the country etc.

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