Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI)

TSDSI is an industry led not for profit organisation recognised by DoT as National Telecom Standards Development Organisation (SDO). TSDSI's mandate is to reflect India specific requirements in various global standards forums so as to ensure addressing of these requirements in global standards, including in upcoming 5G technologies. TSDSI also provides a platform to its members, drawn from industry (operators, manufactures, designers, system integrators), academia, R&D, user groups, Govt. and policy/regulatory bodies to develop and contribute their innovations/IP nationally as well as at global platforms like 3GPP, ITU etc.

TSDSI has MoU with major international Telecom Standards bodies like:

  • Association of Radio Industries and Business (ARIB)- Japan
  • Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)-U.S.
  • China Communications Standards Association (CCSA)
  • Continua Health Alliance, USA (IoT in health)
  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
  • Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA)-Korea
  • Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC)-Japan
  • Co-operation agreement with Global Certification Forum (GCF)

TSDSI is a constituent SDO of Global Standards Collaboration (GSC)- a voluntary forum of twelve of the world’s leading information and communication technologies standards organisations.

TSDSI has transposed 295 specifications of 3GPP (select specifications from Rel 10 to Rel 13 for IMT Advanced Technologies (as per IMT M.2012-3). TSDSI has transposed the full set of oneM2M Rel 2 specifications (17 specifications and 10 Technical Reports) for a M2M common services Layer platform and published 9 Technical Reports on M2M based Use Cases in key Vertical application areas. These can be publicly viewed on TSDSI website here.


TTSDSI launched an initiative to develop a Standardization Roadmap with a Stakeholders’ workshop in Dec 2016. The Standardization Roadmap Committee, has since then, held several rounds of deliberations and a 2nd workshop to discuss proposals and concept notes. The committee has conducted a members’ workshop to discuss a draft Roadmap on Jan 10, 2018, that is proposed to be submitted to the Governing Council.

Global Activities

a) ITU:

TSDSI members’ proposal on Low Mobility Large Cell (LMLC) configuration has been included as a mandatory test configuration under the Rural eMBB test environment in IMT 2020 Technical Performance Requirements (TPR) in ITU-R with an enhanced Inter Sire Distance (ISD) of 6 km. Incorporation of LMLC in IMT2020 will help address the requirements of typical Indian Rural settings and will be a key enabler for bridging the rural-urban divide with 5G rollouts.

TSDSI members are now working on a proposal for submission to ITU-R on candidate Radio interface technologies for IMT2020 (5G) specifications.

b) 3GPP:

TSDSI is Organizational Partner of 3GPP along with six other Regional Standardisation bodies. This entitles TSDSI members to become individual members of 3GPP through TSDSI and to take their IP into the global arena. Membership of 3GPP enables members to contribute in the development of upcoming standards such as 5G.

Around 150+ representatives from TSDSI member organizations (3GPP IMs) have participate in approx. 80 meetings of 3GPP during the period March – December 2017. TSDSI Delegation led by Chairman, TSDSI participated in the 3GPP PCG and OP meetings in Apr and Sep 2017. TSDSI co-hosted meetings of the 3GPP CT groups in Kochi in Oct 2017.

c) oneM2M:

TSDSI is Partner Type I of oneM2M, one of the leading forums driving M2M service layer standards. Approx. 53 contributions from TSDSI Member, CDOT, have been agreed in one M2M, the global partnership project driving M2M service layer standards. TSDSI hosted the Technical Plenary meeting of oneM2M in Bengaluru in Sep 2017. A oneM2M Industry Day was organized as part of the Technical deliberations, to enhance awareness and sharing of experiences of regional and oneM2M experts. TSDSI Member CDOT has been participating in the oneM2M TP and Interoperability events regularly.

d) India-EU Partnership Project:

9 Knowledge Sharing webinars on a range technical topics in ITS, NFV/SDN and 5G have been conducted under the aegis of the India-EU Partnership Project for cooperation on ICT standardization. An international workshop on “Future Proof Smart Cities with a Common Services Layer: a standards driven approach was conducted in CDOT, New Delhi. A two-day Developer’s event was held in New Delhi and Bengaluru campuses of CDOT simultaneously.

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