निवेश सुविधा केंद्र

TELECOM on 16.07.2016

A Cell has been created to help channelize investments in Telecom Sectors and the following officers have been nominated to man the above Cell. Their particulars are as under:

(i) Shri K.K. Saharawat
Director (IP)
Deptt. of Telecommunications
Room No. 1308, Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi
Tel. 23036252, Fax - 23372245
e-mail: dirip.hq-dot[at]nic[dot]in
ii) Shri Manish Shukla
Deptt. of Telecommunications
Cabin No. 1219, Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi
Tel. 23036401, Fax –23372245
e-mail: adetip.hq-dot[at]nic[dot]in
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