Building Works(BW)

S.No. Order/Circular Name Download File Dated
206 Correction in date of joining of Sh R R Chaudhary Staff no 92215, SE Civil in the Seniority List-Corrigendum Download (242.22 KB) pdf 06.11.2020
205 Seniority List of P&T BWS-Civil, Group A as on 01.01.2020 Download (94.15 KB) pdf 06.11.2020
204 Promotion of Sh S K Narnoli Staff no.92101 from JAG to SAG Download (315.36 KB) pdf 06.11.2020
203 Relieving order of Sh S K Mehra Download (124.5 KB) pdf 05.11.2020
202 Disposal of representation regarding promotion in JAG Download (276.23 KB) pdf 19.10.2020
201 Probation Clearance and Confirmation Order Download (323.01 KB) pdf 12.10.2020
200 Smt Rama Rani taken on DOT HQ strength Download (252.45 KB) pdf 18.09.2020
199 Struck off order of Sh A K Midha Download (208.62 KB) pdf 11.09.2020
198 Recruitment Rules for the post of Sr DDG BW in DOT Download (752.04 KB) pdf 24.08.2020
197 Draft P&T Building Work Service Rules 2020 Download (5.34 MB) pdf 20.08.2020
196 Seniority List of P&T BWS-Electrical, Group A as on 22.07.2020 Download (917.59 KB) pdf 31.07.2020
195 Transfer and Posting in SAG of P&T BWS Electrical Wing officers Download (321.75 KB) pdf 14.07.2020
194 Sh Balbir Singh taken on DOT HQ strength Download (38.04 KB) pdf 14.07.2020
193 Sh Amrish Kumar Midha taken on DoT HQ Strength Download (276.28 KB) pdf 10.07.2020
192 JAG promotion and transfer order in P&T Building Works Service, Electrical, Group A Download (986.62 KB) pdf 07.07.2020
191 Regarding joining on promotion to SAG in respect of P&T BWS Electrical Download (60.24 KB) pdf 22.06.2020
190 Relieving on Promotion to SAG for the officers of P&T Building Works, Group A Service, Electrical-regarding Download (407.92 KB) pdf 18.05.2020
189 Choice of Department/ Stations for Posting of JAG officers of P&T BWS, Group A, Electrical Download (651.33 KB) pdf 06.05.2020
188 Taken on Strength of DoT HQ- Sh S K Narnoli, DDG Civil Download (299.65 KB) pdf 05.05.2020
187 Seniority List of P&T BWS Civil, Group A as on 01.01.2020 Download (94.15 KB) pdf 28.02.2020


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