Consolidated list of rural SDCAs for the purpose of Roll out obligation

S.No. Title Download Dated
21 Guidelines regarding issue of multiple mobile connections in J&K Service Area. 24.01.2013
20 Amendment dated 24.09.2018 in merger and acquisition guideline dated 20.02.2014 Download (715.53 KB) application/pdf 26.09.2018
19 Guidelines for grant of Unified License Download (405 KB) application/msword 19.08.2013
18 Guidelines for Auction of Spectrum for BWA Services Download (800.01 KB) application/pdf 01.08.2008
17 Guidelinesfor Mobile Number PortabilityService License Download (1020.45 KB) application/pdf 01.08.2008
16 Guidelines for Mobile Number Portability Service License Download (1.55 MB) application/pdf 01.08.2008
15 Guidelines for Auction and Allotment of Spectrum for 3G Telecom Services Download (1020.45 KB) application/pdf 01.08.2008
14 Guidelines for intra service area Merger of Cellular Mobile Telephone Service (CMTS)/ Unified Access Services (UAS) Licences dated 22-4.2008. Download (86.92 KB) application/pdf 22.04.2008
13 Guidelines and Application Form dated 14.12.2005 Download (220.5 KB) application/msword 14.12.2005
12 Guidelines for merger of licences in a service area Download (35.5 KB) application/msword 21.02.2004
11 Guidelines dated 11th November 2003 Download (99 KB) application/msword 11.11.2003
10 Guidelines Download (147 KB) application/msword Not Available
9 Guidelines for Grant of Unified License (Virtual Network Operators) Download (7.86 MB) application/pdf 31.05.2016
8 UL (VNO) for Access Service for SSA in a Service Area (Cat. B) Download (857.52 KB) application/pdf 08.07.2016
7 Guidelines on Spectrum Sharing Download (2.33 MB) application/pdf 24.09.2015
6 Request from COAI& AUSPI& TSPs for extension of time limits prescribed in NIA dated 25.02.2010 for auction of 3G and BWA spectrum for completion of rollout obligations in respect of 3G& BWA Spectrum-reg Download (25.38 KB) application/pdf 24.08.2016
5 Guidelines on Spectrum Trading Download (3.78 MB) application/pdf 12.10.2015
4 Amendment in Merger and Acquisition guideline dated 20.02.2014 Download (1.15 MB) application/pdf 30.05.2018
3 UL Guidelines and UASL guidelines Download (4.36 MB) application/pdf 13.04.2015
2 Suggestive guidelines to all the ISPs and Access service providers to take care of the connectivity issues of the e-filling website of Income Tax Department i.e Download (102.84 KB) application/pdf 30.12.2013
1 Clarification on Traffic from '1800' National Toll Free Number for termination at International locations-reg. Download (393.01 KB) application/pdf 23.08.2018
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