Gazette Notifications


S.N Order /Circuler Name Download Date
19 Gazette notification of the list of Designated Dispute Resolution Officers Download (172.6 KB) pdf 19.06.2017
18 Gazette notification of Indian Telegraph Right of Way (Amendment) Rules 2017 Download (59.02 KB) pdf 21.04.2017
17 Gazette Notification of Indian Telegraph Right of Way Rules, 2016 Download (1.05 MB) pdf 16.11.2016
16 Posts and Telegraphs Building Works (Group ‘A”) Service (Amendment) Rules, 1994 Download (385.79 KB) pdf 22.10.1997
15 Gazette Notification of Amalgamation of IP & TAFS Group B cadre consisting of AAOs, AOs, & Sr. AOs of Department of Posts & Department of Telecommunications 31.08.2009
14 Declaration oh Heads of TERM cells as heads of Department-Gazette Notification Download (214.16 KB) pdf 18.04.2012
13 Gazette Notification pf nO.614/aDMNi Download (40.78 KB) pdf 19.04.2012
12 Preferential Market Access-Notification Download (453.49 KB) PDF 05.10.2012
11 Indian Government Accounting Standards notified by the Government- Notification in the Gazette of India Download (3.17 MB) pdf 20.11.2012
10 Declaration of Heads of TERM Cells as Heads of the Department-Gazette Notification. 18.04.2012


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