Gazette Notifications


S.N Order /Circuler Name Download Date
40 The prevention of tampering of the Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number -Amendment Rules 2022 Download (1017.16 KB) pdf 26.09.2022
39 Flight and Maritime Connectivity Amendment Rules, 2022 Download (1.43 MB) pdf 24.02.2022
38 Indian Telegraph Right of Way |Amendment| Rules, 2021 Download (1.13 MB) pdf 21.10.2021
37 Amendment regarding list of designated dispute resolution officers Download (1.86 MB) pdf 08.01.2021
36 Production Linked Incentive scheme for telecom sector Download (1.29 MB) pdf 24.02.2021
35 Gazette Notification on Temporary Suspension of Telecom Services Amendment Rules, 2020 Download (1.15 MB) pdf 10.11.2020
34 Indian Telecommunications Service Group-A Rules, 2020 Download (1.87 MB) pdf 14.10.2020
33 Clarification regarding IFMC Service Providers Download (515.05 KB) pdf 21.05.2019
32 Declaration of Sr DDG (National Centre for Communication Security) as Head of Department Download (297.2 KB) pdf 12.04.2019
31 Gazette notification of Telecommunications Engineering Service (Group B Posts) Recruitment Rules, 2019 Download (416.96 KB) pdf 25.02.2019


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