S.No. Order/Circular Name Download File Dated
130 Webinar on: Submarine Cable System-Policy, Planning & Implementation- Organized by NTIPRIT on 11th Aug 2021 Download (696.77 KB) pdf 05.08.2021
129 Information related to professional exam scheduled to be held in the year 2020-2021 Download (2.35 MB) pdf 24.06.2021
128 Four weeks online training programme on: Tools and Testers required for rollout testing QOS Testing and EMF Measurement: by NTIPRIT from 19th July 2021 Download (1.33 MB) pdf 23.06.2021
127 Webinar on : Smart City Applications - organized by NTIPRIT on 23rd June 2021 Download (378.99 KB) pdf 21.06.2021
126 Invitation for International Yoga Day Celebration on 21.06.2021- Online programme conducted by NTIPRIT Download (314.78 KB) pdf 15.06.2021
125 Webinar on : Consent Management for Data Sharing - organized by NTIPRIT on 9th June 2021 Download (835.86 KB) pdf 07.06.2021
124 13th One year Diploma Programme in Public Policy and Sustainable Development at TERI School of Advanced Science, New Delhi- commencing from 4th October 2021 Download (3.43 MB) pdf 18.05.2021
123 12 Week Online Certificate course on: Network Security - for DoT officers by NTIPRIT, commencing from 17th May 2021 Download (646.16 KB) pdf 12.05.2021
122 One Day Training Programme on: IP Technologies and LAN Networking- Organized by NTIPRIT on 12.05.2021 Download (419.41 KB) pdf 10.05.2021
121 6th One year Advanced Management Programme in Public Policy AMPPP during 2021-22 at ISB Hyderabad and Mohali: commencing from 20th August 2021 - Calling Nominations Download (3.42 MB) pdf 30.04.2021
120 Webinar on : NavIC-Opportunities for the Telecom Industry - organized by NTIPRIT on 28th April 2021 Download (773.45 KB) pdf 26.04.2021
119 47th Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration- APPPA at IIPA New Delhi: commencing from 1st July 2021 to 29th April 2022- Calling Nominations Download (19.92 MB) pdf 17.03.2021
118 77th Staff course for Civilian Officers at Defence Service Staff College Wellington Tamil Nadu- scheduled from 7th June 2021: Inviting nominations Download (2.75 MB) pdf 24.02.2021
117 One day Webinar on 6G :Carving Out Road for India- organized by NTIPRIT on 24th Feb 2021 Download (395.77 KB) pdf 18.02.2021
116 12 weeks online certificate course on 5G by NTIPRIT from 9th March 2021 Download (1.63 MB) pdf 17.02.2021
115 Zero Trust Network- Webinar organized by NTIPRIT on 17th Feb 2021 at 11 am Download (297.44 KB) pdf 12.02.2021
114 One day Webinar on 5G Identities organized by NTIPRIT on 10th Feb 2021 at 11 am Download (959.51 KB) pdf 09.02.2021
113 One day Webinar on 27.01.2021 organized by NTIPRIT on QoS in 5G Download (796.51 KB) pdf 22.01.2021
112 5G Specifications - Online Training by IIT Madras: Calling for nominations Download (889.32 KB) pdf 21.01.2021
111 Big Data Management and Comprehensive Analysis 5 days online training programme by CDAC Download (787.29 KB) pdf 18.01.2021


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