S.No. Order/Circular Name Download File Dated
150 48th Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration 48th APPPA at IIPA New Delhi 2022 23 Calling nominations for Download (2.99 MB) pdf 22.03.2022
149 Calling of nominations for: 15-day interactive programme on- Innovations in Organizational Management- organized by IIPA, New Delhi from 6th to 22nd June 2022. Download (3.27 MB) pdf 09.03.2022
148 Webinar on : 5G USE CASES IN HEALTH AND AGRICULTURE SECTORS - organized by NTIPRIT on 16th March 2022. Download (2.43 MB) pdf 09.03.2022
147 Webinar on : Participation and Contribution in ITU and 3GPP- organized by NTIPRIT on 15th March 2022. Download (205.17 KB) pdf 09.03.2022
146 Round Table on 5G Security Issues and Security Testing- organized by NTIPRIT on 4th March 2022 Download (556.36 KB) pdf 02.03.2022
145 78th Staff course for Civilian Officers at Defence Services Staff College Wellington Tamil Nadu :Inviting nominations for Download (2.71 MB) pdf 16.02.2022
144 In-service 2 day online training on: IoT Technologies and Use Cases in Telecom- to be organized by NTIPRIT on 14th-15th February 2022 Download (108.79 KB) pdf 10.02.2022
143 One Day webinar on: Artificial Intelligence - Applications in Telecom Sector, organized by NTIPRIT on 9th Feb 2022. Download (132.65 KB) pdf 07.02.2022
142 Webinar on -Quantum Technology : Unlocking the future- organized by NTIPRIT on 27th Jan 2022 Download (381.18 KB) pdf 20.01.2022
141 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing- 2 weeks Online Training Programme Download (174.07 KB) pdf 18.01.2022
140 Postponement of Technical Component of MCTP Phase I : Batch 3- for ITS officers scheduled from 10th Jan 2022 Download (163.87 KB) pdf 07.01.2022
139 Webinar on : Latest Trends in Cellular Backhaul System - organized by NTIPRIT on 12th Jan 2022 Download (443.41 KB) pdf 07.01.2022
138 Competency Development Programme for DoT officers in the domain of: Network and Mobile security Download (7.49 MB) pdf 07.01.2022
137 Conducting of Webinars by NICF submitting nominations Download (951.84 KB) pdf 17.11.2021
136 Conducting of Webinars by NICF Download (957.38 KB) pdf 17.11.2021
135 62nd NDC Course at National Defence College, New Delhi: Calling Nominations for Download (3.49 MB) pdf 28.10.2021
134 One Day webinar on- Open RAN: Opportunity for India- organized by NTIPRIT on 22nd Sept 2021. Download (634.53 KB) pdf 17.09.2021
133 Webinar on : AI and Ethical Issues- Organized by NTIPRIT on 25th Aug 2021 Download (413.54 KB) pdf 23.08.2021
132 Revised Brochure of Webinar on: Submarine Cable System-Policy, Planning & Implementation- Organized by NTIPRIT on 11th Aug 2021 Download (357.22 KB) pdf 10.08.2021
131 2nd Batch of online certification course in 5G for Officers of Government of India being conducted by NTIIRIT: Inviting Nominations Download (2.64 MB) pdf 10.08.2021


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