Information Technology(IT)

S.No. Order/Circular Name Download File Dated
53 Sanction for purchase of laptop Download (587.89 KB) pdf 01.02.2018
52 Guidelines for condemnation/Scrapping and disposal of IT Products/Equipment. Download (1.45 MB) pdf 09.01.2015
51 Implementation of online declaration of Immovable Property Return(IPR) through eOffice-Lite (SPARROW) portal for DoT officers Download (77.73 KB) pdf 06.12.2017
50 Immovable Property Return (IPR) User Manual for SPARROW Portal Download (831.03 KB) pdf 14.12.2017
49 Guidelines for Indian Government Websites (GIGW) Compliance. Download (2.24 MB) pdf 05.09.2017
48 Malicious e-mails in circulation intending to target computers-Cyber Security Advisory Download (537.71 KB) pdf 05.09.2017
47 Content updation and user friendliness of Websites Download (452.01 KB) pdf 05.09.2017
46 Posting information on Social Media Download (631.04 KB) pdf 04.09.2017
45 Guidelines-checklist for secure application development & secure IT Infrastructure Download (2.06 MB) pdf 25.07.2017
44 Provision of laptops/notebooks and similar devices for eligible officers and provision of computers at residence of eligible officers-Review of guidelines/instructions Download (583.24 KB) pdf 04.07.2017
43 General guidelines for securing Identity information and sensitive personal data Download (2.85 MB) pdf 22.05.2017
42 Implementation of eOffice-Lite (SPARROW) in DoT - Making the DoT SPARROW portal live & operation Download (63.49 KB) pdf 16.05.2017
41 Guidelines for Indian Government Websites (GIGW) Compliance Download (1.99 MB) pdf 11.05.2017
40 Sensitization on compliance of IT Act, 2000 and Aadhaar Act, 2016 while Data Sharing in the Departmental Websites Download (458.3 KB) pdf 03.05.2017
39 Implementation of eOffice-Lite (SPARROW) in DoT - Extension of Testing Phase Download (63.66 KB) pdf 13.04.2017
38 Implementation of eOffice-Lite (SPARROW) in DoT- learning and Testing of Portal and Workshop for Role Admin/Nodal Officers Download (142.85 KB) pdf 06.04.2017
37 eAPAR (SPARROW) Manual - Primary PAR Custodian Download (1.85 MB) pdf 29.03.2017
36 eAPAR (SPARROW) Manual - PAR Manager Download (829.09 KB) pdf 29.03.2017
35 eAPAR (SPARROW) Manual - Individual User Download (1.05 MB) pdf 29.03.2017
34 User Manual of eOffice Lite - SPARROW Download (3.45 MB) pdf 10.03.2017


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