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576 Transfer & posting in JAG of ITS Group 'A'. Download (22.3 KB) application/pdf 19.08.2013
577 Transfer & posting in STS/JTS of ITS Group 'A'. Download (26.92 KB) application/pdf 20.08.2013
578 Uploading of the circular dated 19.10.2012 along with all the pension papers on the DoT Website-regarding Download (39 KB) application/pdf 21.08.2013
579 Minutes of Joint meeting of Advisory Groups on Skill Development in Telecom Sector Download (309.7 KB) application/pdf 23.08.2013
580 The appointment of Shri. Benoy Choudhary ,Grade I of Central Sectariate Service, Ministry of Health & Welfare ,to the selection gradeof CSS purely on adhoc basis in the Department of Telecommunications, Download (44.56 KB) application/pdf 30.08.2013
581 Impanalment of officers at the officers at the level of joint Secretary -Placement of status in the public domain through specified website of CCA Download (879.66 KB) application/pdf 30.08.2013
582 The appointment of Ms.Annie Moraes as Member(Finance).Telecom Commission with effect from the forenoon of 5th September,2013 Download (41.83 KB) application/pdf 05.09.2013
583 Deployment of JAG of ITS Group 'A' officers Download (24.65 KB) application/pdf 06.09.2013
584 Submission of SWR:Revised Instructions-reg Download (29.9 KB) application/pdf 09.09.2013
585 User Manual of Pension Voucher Auditing Softwareon Dot Website-reg Download (4.13 MB) application/pdf 09.09.2013
586 Gazette notification for definition of Broadband Download (58.66 KB) application/pdf 10.09.2013
587 Launch of easy for electronic processing of the empanelment for appointment to the post of Joint Secretary or equivalent at the Centre under Centre Staffing Scheme-reg Download (162.19 KB) application/pdf 10.09.2013
588 The appointment of Smt.Ashu Nawani as APS is on co-terminus basis with the MOC &IT or until further orders. Download (37.59 KB) application/pdf 10.09.2013
589 Request for latest information on email-IDs to TA wing-reg Download (17.87 KB) application/pdf 11.09.2013
590 Grant of TA to Orthographically Handicapped Central Govt.employees. Download (75.75 KB) application/pdf 12.09.2013
591 The appointment of Sh. Narendra Kumar, an officer of Sr.Admn .Grade of ITS Group'A' W.E.F 30.092013 Download (21.19 KB) application/pdf 16.09.2013
592 Deployment of SAG of ITS Group'A' officers in BSNL Download (26.39 KB) application/pdf 16.09.2013
593 Up-gradation to Shri. Hemant K Lanjewar, an officer of JAG of ITS Group'A'in the Senior Administrative Gradeof ITS Group-A Download (66.07 KB) application/pdf 18.09.2013
594 Partial modification of the order No.12-7/2013-STG-!(i) dated 16th May,2013 and 16.07.2013,the posting in respect of following SAG of ITS Group'A'officersis hereby revised Download (30.11 KB) application/pdf 19.09.2013
595 Annexure: Model Recruitment Rules for various posts in Official language Cadre for Subordinate offices-reg. Download (1.88 MB) application/pdf 19.09.2013
596 New Cyber Security Wing: Selection of Special Secretary/Additional Secretary on deputation, contract, re-employment or absorption basis Download (33.75 KB) application/pdf 24.09.2013
597 Submission of Annual Immovable Property Return by Group"A" Officers of IP & TAFS for the year 2012(as on1-1-2013)-Placing in Public domain regarding. Download (204.87 KB) application/pdf 25.09.2013
598 Modification of office order No.12-2/2013-STG! dated 09.07.2013,the posting in respect of following JAG of ITS Group'A'officers Download (44.7 KB) application/pdf 27.09.2013
599 Minutes of the 2nd meeting of Advisory groups on Skill Development in Telecom Sector Download (1.37 MB) application/pdf 30.09.2013
600 Launch of EASY for Electronic Processing of empanelment for appointment to the post of Joint Secretary or equivalent at Centre under Central Staffing Scheme Download (18.48 KB) application/pdf 03.10.2013


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