Wireless Planning and Finance - WPF

  • Work allocation of Wireless Planning and Finance (WPF) Division:

    1. Conduct of auction of Spectrum in various bands.
    2. Selection of Auctioneer for conduct of auction
    3. Inter Ministerial Committee to overlook the work of selection of Auctioneer and conduct of Auction.
    4. Monitoring deferred payments for spectrum acquired in various Auctions after 2010.
    5. Maintenance of Financial Bank Guarantees for securitisation of deferred instalments payable by successful bidders in auction of spectrum
    6. Assessment/ Monitoring of Spectrum Usage Charges / One Time Spectrum Charges (OTSC) / Liberalisation Charges
    7. Monitoring of assessment of Spectrum Usage Charges (SUC)/ its collection in respect of GSM, CDMA, Commercial, V-SAT & Captive services.
    8. Preparation of Budget Estimates on Revenue Receipts in respect of Spectrum Usage Charges. Budget of WPC & Wireless Monitoring Organisation (WMO)
    9. Rendering Financial Advice on the proposals received from WPC and WMO in respect of Capital Services.
    10. Collecting and depositing the DDs/ Cheques received from WPC wing in respect of captive licenses.
    11. All SUC policy issues, TRAI recommendations pertaining to Wireless services.

     Circulars/Orders issued by Wireless Planning Finance Division

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