Wireless Planning and Coordination


    The Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC) Wing of the Ministry of Communications is the national radio regulatory nodal agency of the Government of India and is responsible for planning, engineering, regulating, managing and monitoring the limited natural resources of Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum and satellite orbits, including geo-stationary (GSO) and non-GSO orbit.
    It is also bestowed upon the responsibility of licensing of wireless stations in the country under the Indian Telegraph Act 1885 (ITA 1885) and the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act 1933 (IWTA 1933), as statutory requirement.
    WPC Wing caters to the needs of all wireless users in the country, government or private, security or civil. Wireless Monitoring Organisation (WMO) is a field organization of WPC Wing dealing with monitoring and enforcement works of spectrum management. WPC Wing / WMO is also the nodal organization representing Government of India in the international forums such as International Telecom Union -Radiocommunication (ITU-R) under United Nations (UN) & Asia Pacific Tele-Community (APT)– the regional counterpart of ITU.
    The management of radio spectrum through WPC/WMO is a continuous & ever evolving process. The process starts with planning, thereafter, allotment/licensing, renewal and surrender remains an ongoing activity in the form of technical monitoring and inspection with the ultimate aim of ensuring interference free operations to its authorized/licensed users.

    Functions of WPC Wing

    1. All matters relating to Spectrum Planning, Spectrum Management and Regulation which includes formulation and analysis of spectrum policy issues.
    2. National nodal agency for ITU (International Telecommunication Union) and APT (Asia Pacific Telecommunity) on all issues related to radio frequency management including satellite orbital resources;
    3. Efficient, equitable and cost-effective management of a total of 40 odd radio communication services, of which some of the important ones being Aeronautical Radio-navigation Service, Mobile (including cellular mobile), fixed Satellite services including all geostationary orbit and host of other services involving public safety, disaster management, Science services etc.
    4. International, and regional coordination with other countries on all matters relating to Radio communication on behalf of Government of India and entering into multilateral/ bilateral agreements and national coordination with all the Ministries/Departments of the Govt. of India for management of all frequency usage in the country.
    5. Inter-ministerial coordination to carve out additional spectrum for emerging spectral efficient radio technologies/ applications in lieu of unutilized/ underutilized spectrum lying with the legacy users, commonly known as spectrum refarming;
    6. Management of spectrum resources, intra-departmental coordination, for the purpose of auction of spectrum to the access service providers and also post-auction management of spectrum through spectrum harmonization, trading, sharing etc.
    7. Consideration of various TRAI recommendations i.r.t. spectrum related matters; dealing with litigations associated with various policy provisions of radio spectrum;
    8. Preparation of the National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP) by reviewing the existing of laws/ rules/ regulations and their amendments with a view to make them more effective and cater the needs of fast changing spectrum usages. The latest one being published in 2018. 
    9. Devising a spectrum management policy and delicensing of frequency bands to promote and facilitate innovation and R&D in emerging wireless technologies. This is in sync with contemporary international practices and also provides a regulatory certainty to potential investors and users..
    10. Conferences, meetings and discussions at regional (APT) and international level (ITU-R) for timely international harmonization, regional/ sub-regional harmonization/ coordination and bi-lateral agreements.
    11. Finalize national view points on relevant matters in the field of telecommunication of other International Organisation viz. International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), International Maritime Organisation (IMO), World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Economic and Social Council for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP), UN forum on peaceful uses of space, etc. Co-ordination and execution of Bilateral co- operation and agreements on spectrum related matters.
    12. Grant and renewal of various categories of Wireless Telegraph Station Licenses under the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 which includes captive, telecom, satellite and broadcast service providers.
    13. Grant of frequency assignments/licenses in HF, VHF, UHF and Microwave radio frequencies in respect of all users including Security Agencies, Government Organisation, Public Sector Undertakings and Private users.
    14. Multi-lateral coordination and registration of necessary technical parameters of the satellite with the Radiocommunication Bureau of the ITU.
    15. To cater to the spectrum needs of the satellite communication systems and also to acquire the right of using the satellite orbit though the prescribed coordination procedure of ITU-R
    16. Site clearance of all wireless installations in the country and related matters concerning the Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocations (SACFA).
    17. Issue of licenses/ certificate to operators of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) equipments on board ships and Radio Telephone (RT) equipments on board aircraft; and to Radio Amateurs (HAM) after conduct of proficiency examination in line with International Regulations.

    Divisions in WPC HQ

    Sl. No.

    Group Name

    Work Assigned


    P Group

    Cases below 806 MHz of Govt/Pvt/PSU/CRS/FM Broadcast (Public and Private)


    T Group

    Licensing work for all services above 806 MHz, terrestrial cases (including Security Organizations)


    Satellite Group

    Licensing work related to all Satellite cases


    IMT Group

    Auction of Access Spectrum in specific IMT bands and all frequency assignment cases relating to TSPs and ISPs


    International Spectrum Regulation Group

    International Delegation cases related to ITU-R/APT, follow up of spectrum studies in these organizations as well as domestic ones


    IT & SACFA Group

    Issue of SACFA Clearance, Management of Saral Sanchar/any other automated spectrum


    Coordination & Admin Group

    Coordination among various groups including WMO and RLOs with regard to movement/delays of offline/online licences and other cases, Helpdesk to public, Audit, Administration & Budget Work, social media, Public Grievances related works


    National Regulation Group

    All matters related to National Regulation, framing of appropriate policies


    COP Group

    Personnel Licensing Cases including examination of Amateur, Pilots, Mariners

    Regional Licencing Office (RLO)

    Some licensing functions of WPC Wing was decentralized in the year 2007and delegated to 5 Regional Licensing Offices (RLOs) situated at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai & Guwahati. These field offices of WPC Wing are headed by JWA (except Guwahati, which is headed by Sr. DWA),  work under the control of WPC HQ, New Delhi and deal with the issue and renewal of non-network licences such as Import Licence, , Experimental Licence, Demonstration Licence, Short Range UHF Hand-held Radio Licence, Maritime Mobile Station Licence (for Ships), Aeronautical Mobile Station Licence (for Aircrafts), Certificate of Proficiency and Licence to Commercial Pilots (COP RTR),  Certificate of Proficiency and licence to Marine Radio Officers (GMDSS), of the regions under them.






    Northern Region

    Joint Wireless Adviser

    +91-11- 26502671, 26501438


    WPC Wing Regional Licencing Office, Ministry of Communications, Northern Regional Wireless Monitoring HQRS Campus, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, New Delhi – 110030

    Eastern Region

    Joint Wireless Adviser

    +91-33- 24012960

    +91-33- 24019407

    WPC Wing Regional Licencing Office, Ministry of Communications, Eastern Regional Wireless Monitoring HQRS Campus, (PO) Sarkarpole, Gopalpur, Kolkata – 700143

    Western Region

    Joint Wireless Adviser

    +91-22- 28683202

    +91-22- 28683202

    WPC Wing Regional Licencing Office, Ministry of Communications, 3rd floor, MTNL Telephone Exchange Building, Charkop, Sector-5, Kandivali, Mumbai - 400067

    Southern Region

    Joint Wireless Adviser

    +91-44- 24962070

    +91-44- 24964000

    WPC Wing Regional Licencing Office, Ministry of Communications, Southern Regional Wireless Monitoring HQRS Campus (PO) Perungudi, Kandanchavadi, Chennai – 600096

    North-Eastern Region

    Sr. Deputy Wireless Adviser

    +91-361- 2609955

    +91-361- 2609977

    WPC Wing Regional Licensing office, Ministry of Communications, Administrative Block, BSNL Bhawan, Pan Bazar, Guwahati– 781001

    Wireless Monitoring Organisation (WMO)

    Wireless Monitoring Organization (WMO) is the nodal agency for providing interference free spectrum to millions of end users in the country. Wireless monitoring is an integral part of the spectrum management. WMO, a field unit of the Wireless Planning and coordination (WPC) Wing, carries out spectrum monitoring through a network of 1(one) International Satellite Monitoring Earth Station (ISMES), 5 International Monitoring Stations (IMSs), and 22 Wireless Monitoring Stations (WMSs), strategically located all over India. WMO is also equipped with 5 Radio Noise Survey Units, which undertake detailed and complicated measurements to aid in the spectrum management activity. As wireless monitoring for spectrum management is a specialized activity, Officers of Indian Radio Regulatory Services (IRRS) are posted in WMO for ensuring interference free spectrum for public telecom services and wireless users. WMO also runs its own Training and Development Centre (T&D Centre) at Ghitorni, New Delhi for spectrum monitoring & management related courses. In addition, WMO, with its 10 Inspection Units, carries out physical inspection of wireless installations.

    Major functions of Wireless Monitoring Organisation

    1. Resolution of the harmful interference;
    2. Monitoring for identification of frequency sub-bands for introduction of new services and/or for additional allocation to existing services;
    3. Monitoring for spectrum recovery — unused/ under-used frequency authorizations;
    4. Monitoring for ensuring adherence to licensing conditions;
    5. Monitoring / measurements for sharing studies;
    6. Assistance to domestic wireless users;
    7. Assistance to foreign administrations;
    8. Conducts exam ASOC Examination for Amateur licenses (HAM)
    9. Participation in special monitoring campaigns of the ITU;
    10. Issue of Dealer Possession Licence (DPL) for wireless apparatus under Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933; 
    11. Measurements on radio emissions for the possible introduction of new radio communication networks, and for studying the EMC compatibility;
    12. Inspection of licensed installations; and
    13. Monitoring of space emissions to protect authorized satellite transmissions. 
    14. Execution of national security related spectrum monitoring activity along the border areas by measurements of cellular signal spillage inside Indian territory from neighboring country.

    Organization Setup

    1. 22 Wireless Monitoring Stations (WMS), 5 International Monitoring stations (IMS) and 1 International Satellite Monitoring Earth Station (ISMES) at Jalna, strategically located all over the country; 
    2. WMS and IMS stations carry out radio frequency signals monitoring in the entire MF, HF, VHF, UHF & Microwave Radio Frequency spectrum ranges; 
    3. Training and Development Center, at Delhi, conducts training courses for fresh IRRS Officers/recruits inducted every year through Group “A” UPSC Engineering Services Examinations and other radio monitoring personals viz. Junior Wireless Officers (JWOs) inducted through SSC Examination. It also conducts specialized programs to prepare examiners for the RTR (Aero) examinations and the GMDSS GOC examinations, conducted by the Ministry from time to time as per the schedule. 
    4. Radio Noise Survey Units, located at 4 metros and Hyderabad, are entrusted with carrying out measurements on radio emissions. 
    5. 10 Inspection units, located in different parts of the country, carry out on-site inspection of wireless installations; 
    6. RHQs in 4 metros provide logistic and strategic support to WMSs/ IMSs within their jurisdiction, besides carrying out supervisory function. 
    7. As regards Satellite RF signals Monitoring, International Satellite Monitoring Earth Station (ISMES) at Jalna has facilities to monitor radio emissions originating from satellites in GSO arc of 20 deg. E to 140 deg. E to protect Indian Space Services from interferences caused by the emissions from other satellites of any foreign country or vice versa;

    List of WMO field units in India

    Sr No.

    Name of the Monitoring Station

    Address of the Office

    Contact Number


    International Satellite Monitoring Earth Station (ISMES), Jalna


    International Satellite Monitoring Earth Station, Indewadi Village, Ambad Road, Jalna,-431203 (Maharashtra)

    PH -02482-225301



    International Monitoring Station, New Delhi


    IMS New Delhi, Ghitorni, New Delhi-110030

    PH -011-26502380


    International Monitoring Station, Chennai

    Engineer -in-Charge,

    IMS, Chennai Campus, DOT, Kandanchavadi, Perungudi, Chennai-600096

    PH -044-24960275



    International Monitoring Station, Mumbai

    Engineer -in-Charge,

    IMS Mumbai Campus, Gorai Road, Borivli (West),        Mumbai-400092.

    PH -022-28671626




    International Monitoring Station, Kolkata

    Engineer -in-Charge,

    IMS Kolkata, Vill-Gopalpur, P.o –Sarkarpool Distt.-24 Parganas (South), Kolkata-700143.

    PH -033-24019840




    International Monitoring Station, Nagpur

    Engineer -in-Charge,

    IMS Nagpur, Chhindwara Road, PO: Koradi, Nagpur-441111.

    PH -0712-2612114




    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station,Opposite Jagatpark Society, Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad-380061

    PH -079-27603444



    Wireless Monitoring Station Ajmer

    Engineer -in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station, Kotra ,Pushkar Road,Ajmer-305004.

    PH -0145-2600641




    Wireless Monitoring Station Bangalore

    Engineer -in-Charge

    Wireless Monitoring Station, Telephone Exchange, II floor, II Main, II cross, Vidyapeeta Road, Channammanakere Achukatte, Bangalore-560085.

    PH -080-26690102



    Wireless Monitoring Station



    Wireless Monitoring Station campus, Gehunkhera,  Kolar Road, Bhopal , M.P.-462042

    PH -0755-2416880



    Wireless Monitoring Station Dibrugarh


    Officer-in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station, Girdhari Lal Sardarmal’s Bldg., Mancotta Road, Dibrugarh-786001

    PH -0373-2325238



    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge,Wireless Monitoring StationSylvia Road, Chogm Sangolda Road, PO Alto Porvorim,     Goa-403521.

    PH -0832-2417245



    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge,Wireless Monitoring StationGurauli Buzurg, Chapia, P.O. Khajani Road, Gorakhpur-273001

    PH -0551-2321709



    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Dy Director/ Engineer -in-Charge,Wireless Monitoring Station,III Floor, Room No. 302, Telecom Engg. Centre, Cherlapally, Hyderabad-500051.

    PH -040-27261517



    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Dy Director/ Engineer -in-Charge,

    Wireless Monitoring Station, Main Garhi Road, Hardyal Nagar (Near Brahma Kumari Ashram), Jalandhar-144022

    PH -0181-2484010



    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station,Behind BSF Camp, Palora Topp. Jammu-181124



    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station, 9-153/24, Near Vaidyanatha Temple, Shakthinagar Post Mangalore-575016

    PH -0824-2216692



    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station, P.O. Harmu Housing Colony, Ranchi-834012 (Jharkhand)

    PH -0651-2244928



    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Engineer -in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station, P.O.Lapalang Rynjah, Shillong-793006, Meghalaya

    PH -364-2537613



    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station, Telecom Store Depot., (Top floor), P.O. Satellite Township, Jalpaiguri, WB- 734015

    PH -0353-2568125



    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge,Wireless Monitoring Station, Nettayam P.o.Thiruvanthapuram-695013


    PH -0471-2373202


    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station, Lake View Layout, Near Vambay Colony, Madhurawada P.O


    PH -0891-2539365




    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station, Block No.4, Type-III/6, Microwave Colony, Unit-8, Bhubaneswar-751012


    PH -0674-2589293


    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station, Room no-208,RTTC ,Sec-G,LDA Colony Lucknow-226012


    PH -0522-2422979


    Wireless Monitoring Station


    Officer-in-Charge, Wireless Monitoring Station,Vill.& Post Raghunathpur Via Sariya Factory Distt. Muzaffarpur pin-843126





    Wireless Monitoring Station



    Wireless Monitoring Station, 108, Dharampur Haridwar Road Dehradun U.K.




    Wireless Monitoring Station



    Wireless Monitoring Station, 3rd floor, G-Block, P& T Quarters, M.G. Road, Vijayawada-520010, Andhra Pradesh.




    Wireless Monitoring Station




    Wireless Monitoring Station, Room No.H-5,Plot No. 110 Sankar Nagar, Sale Tax Colony, Khamhardeh, Raipur-492007. Chhattisgarh




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