Who's Who

Department of Telecommunications
Ministry of Communications
Sanchar Bhawan 20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi 110001

Whos Who
Name Designation Department Phone
Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw Cabinet Minister Minister's Secretariat - MOC
Dr. Mahatme Sandeep Namdeo Private Secretary Minister's Secretariat - MOC
Shri Abhishek Kumar Singh DDG(MoC) Minister's Secretariat - MOC
Shri Neeraj Mehrotra Director Minister's Secretariat - MOC
Shri Devusinh Chauhan Minister of State Minister's Secretariat - MoSC
Shri Sanjeev Sharma DDG(MoSC) Minister's Secretariat - MoSC
Shri Jayesh N Raval Additional Private Secretary Minister's Secretariat - MoSC
Shri Rahul Ghosh Assistant Private Secretary Minister's Secretariat - MoSC
Shri K. Rajaraman Chairman DCC & Secretary(T) Digital Communications Commission
Shri A K Tiwari Member(Technology) Digital Communications Commission
Shri Dilip Padhye Member(Finance) Digital Communications Commission
Shri Ashok Kumar Mittal Member(Services) Digital Communications Commission
Shri V. L. Kantha Rao Additional Secretary (T) Additional Secretary
Ms. Preeti Nath Economic Advisor Principal Economic Advisor
Shri Ashok Kumar Mittal Advisor(Operation) Advisors
Shri A K Tiwari Advisor(Technology) Advisors
Shri Gin Khan Chin Advisor(Finance) Advisors
Shri R K Saxena Wireless Advisor Advisors
Shri R S Verma Legal Advisor Advisors
Shri Hari Ranjan Rao Administrator(USOF) Administrator (USO Fund)
Smt. Yashashri Shukla Jt. Administrator (Finance), USOF Administrator (USO Fund)
Shri Amitabh Gautam Chief Vigilance Officer Chief Vigilance Officer
Shri S K Jain Sr.DDG(SU) Sr. Deputy Director General
Shri Anand Singh Jt. Secy.(Telecom.) Joint Secretary
Shri Navneet Gupta Jt. Secy.(Admn.) Joint Secretary
Dr. Rajesh Sharma DDG(SU) Deputy Director General
Shri Rajeev Kumar DDG(Accounts) Deputy Director General
Shri Mukesh Mangal DDG(SA-II) Deputy Director General
Shri Sunil Purohit DDG(Pers) Deputy Director General
Shri Kamal Bhagat DDG(II) USOF Deputy Director General 23372364
Shri Amit Katoch DDG(LFP) Deputy Director General
Shri Sharad Trivedi DDG(Carrier Services) Deputy Director General
Shri Pankaj Kumar DDG(PG) Deputy Director General
Shri Premjit Lal DDG(PM) Deputy Director General
Shri P K Singh DDG(Security Assurance) Deputy Director General
Shri Nitin Jain DDG(SPPI) Deputy Director General
Shri Ranjan Ghosh DDG(AS-I) Deputy Director General
Shri Kulwinder Kumar DDG(S.R.I.) Deputy Director General
Shri Sanjiwan Sinha DDG(E&T) Deputy Director General
Shri V K Hirna DDG(Elect.) Deputy Director General
Ms. Sangeeta Chugh DDG(PHP-II) Deputy Director General
JWA JWA Deputy Director General
Shri Rajesh Gupta Jt. Admntr.(Tech.) Deputy Director General
Shri S Balachandra Iyer DDG(C&A) Deputy Director General
Shri Rajesh Sharma DDG(SU) Deputy Director General
Shri Kamal Bhagat DDG(SPC) Deputy Director General
Ms. Roshni Sohni DDG( Establishment) Deputy Director General
Ms. Mousumy Bedekar DDG(Trg) Deputy Director General
Shri Suneel Kumar Niraniyan DDG(Satellite) Deputy Director General
DDG LFA DDG(LFA) Deputy Director General
Shri R Shakya DDG (IR) Deputy Director General
Shri Rajeev Prakash DDG (WPF) Deputy Director General
Shri Amitabh Ranjan Sinha DDG(F) Deputy Director General
Shri R.K. Pathak DDG(IC) Deputy Director General
Ms. Aprajita Sharrma DDG(BPF) Deputy Director General
Shri S.K. Jain DDG(Skill Development) Deputy Director General
Shri Dindayal Tosniwal DDG(NT) Deputy Director General
Shri Sunil Kumar Singhal DDG(AS) Deputy Director General
Shri Sanjay Agrawal DDG(DM) Deputy Director General
Shri Vivek Narayan DDG(DS) Deputy Director General
Shri Virender Prasad DDG(IT) Deputy Director General
Dr. Rajesh Sharma DDG(SR & Estates) Deputy Director General
Shri H.K.Mahajan Sr. DDG(SR & Estates) Deputy Director General
Dr Rajeev Kandpal DDG(Finance) Deputy Director General
Ashwani Kumar Mahaur Director(DM-T) Directors 011-23232656
Shri Venkata Praveen Pogiri Director(WF) Directors
Shri Jitender Prakash Director(Security Audit) Directors
Shri Ashish Kumar Director(Satellite) Directors
Shri R.S. Singh Director(Security) Directors
Ms. Ritu Pande Director(Security-II) Directors
Shri Vijay Agrawal Director(UDS) Directors
Shri Anil Kumar gehlot Director(AS-I) Directors
Shri A K Tripathi Director(CS-II) Directors 23036222
Shri Amanullah Tak Director(FIPP) Directors
Shri Khagesh Garg Director(Synergy) Directors
Shri Ravindra Prasad Director(PSU-I) Directors
Shri Venkata Praveen Pogiri Director(WF) Directors
Shri Rahul Sharma Director(STT) Directors
Shri Jitendra Kumar Joshi Director(CERT-T) Directors
Ms. Madhavi Singh Director(Arch.) Directors
Shri Musaphir Ram Director(EW-II) Directors
Shri Sanjay Kumar Khare Director(Elect.) Directors
Director Accounts-II Director(Accounts-II) Directors
Shri Ajay Kumar Nema Director(Staff) Directors
Shri Tejpal Singh Director(DS-II) Directors
Shri Pradeep Kumar Director(CS-III) Directors
Shri Ajay Negi Director(CS-I) Directors
Shri Bhuvnesh Kumar Yadav Director(SD & E) Directors
Shri Ram Babu Jatav Director(IR-III) Directors
Shri A K Singh Director(IR-II) Directors
Shri Sandeep Kumar Gupta Director(IR-IV) Directors
Shri Trilok Chandra Director(AS-IV) Directors
Shri Bhavesh R Trivedi Director(IR-V) Directors
Shri Raj Kumar Director(NT-I) Directors
Shri Ashok Kumar Jain Director(DS-III) Directors
Shri Sunil Gautam Director(SM) Directors
Shri Subhash Chand Director(SRI-2) Directors
Shri Kamal Kumar Agarwal Director(Security-I) Directors
Shri Shiv Chandra Ranjan Director(VP) Directors
Shri Shankara Nand Mishra Director(LFA-III) Directors
Shri Umang Srivastava Sr. DWA(BWA-SACFA) Directors
Shri Sandeep Bhardwaj Director(UBB) Directors
Shri R K Soni Director(AS-III) Directors
Shri Atul Kumar Singh Director(V-Tech.) Directors
Director PG Director(PG-I) Directors
Shri Akhilesh Kumar Trivedi Director(AS-V) Directors
Shri Naveen Kumar Director(Restg.) Directors
Shri Surya Prakash Director(Staff-II) Directors
Shri Rakesh Kumar Tondar Director(Estt-II) Directors
Director Training-II Director(Training-II) Directors
Shri Dhirendra Verma Director(Project & MTNL) Directors
Shri Pooran Chand Director(IT-III) Directors
Shri Neeraj Singhal Director(Security-TTSC) Directors
Shri Atique Ahmed Director(IC) Directors
Director SA Director(SA) Directors
Shri Dhananjay Kumar Ranjan Director(AS) Directors
Shri S S Jain Director(DM) Directors
Ms. Prabha Ji Director(TF-I) Directors
Shri Manish Kumar Vimal Director(SR & Estates) Directors
Ms. Swati Shahi Director(SEA) Directors
Shri Sanjay Agrawal Director(Estt-II) Directors
Shri K B Meena Director(IT-I) Directors
Shri Buddhi Prakash Meena Director(Skill Development) Directors
Ms. Swati Shahi Director(Trg. Fin.) Directors
Shri Devendra Yadav Director(Training-I) Directors
Shri Yogesh Kumar Director(PG-II) Directors
Shri S Chaturvedi Director(EW-I) Directors
Shri D S Parmar Director(Elect.) Directors
Shri Neeraj Mehrotra Director(Policy) Directors
Shri Robin Adaval Director(AS-II) Directors
Shri Jaipal Singh Tomar Director(TERM-II) Directors
Shri S P Singh Director(TERM-I) Directors
Shri B K Nath Director(PSU-III) Directors
Shri Hemendra Kumar Sharma Director(PSU-II) Directors
Director Vig-Tech Director(Vig-Tech) Directors
Shri L B Lal Director(Vig.I) Directors
Shri Ravinder Kumar Director(VM) Directors
Shri Shiv Chandra Ranjan Director(Civil) Directors
GP CAPT ATUL POKHRIYAL Director(Accounts-I & IA) Directors
Shri Arvind Kumar Director(IT-II) Directors
Ms. Reena Malhotra Director(NT-III) Directors
Shri Manish Kumar Agarwal Director(NT-II) Directors
Shri Sudhir Kumar Rai Director(IP) Directors
Rajendra Kumar Singh Director(IC-II) Directors 011-23036485
Shri S.C. Karol Director(Establishment) Directors
Shri S.C. Rajeev Director(Telecom) Directors 23312025
Shri Sathish Kumar R Director(LFP-II) Directors
Shri Sathish Kumar R Director(LFP-II) Directors
Shri Pardeep Mahlawat Director(LFP-I) Directors
Shri Vijay Kumar Deputy Secretary(Admn.II) Deputy Secretaries
Shri Vinay Awasthi Deputy Secretary(SCT) Deputy Secretaries
Mrs. Jyoti Mathur Deputy Secretary Deputy Secretaries
Shri P.K Singh Chief Information Security Officer Chief Information Security Officer
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