TCOE India has been created as a PPP initiative by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India in 2007, to strengthen the R&D ecosystem in ICT where Government works as a facilitator, Industry as the ultimate user, and academia as the research unit.

After a review of TCOE India, the VC’s and Industry have been brought in as additional stakeholders in 2016 to enable “Idea to market” connectivity in the ecosystem. Important activities of TCOE during the year 2017 (Apr-Dec 2017) are as under:

The Need

  • To build a robust ecosystem for R&D, IPR, Standardization and Product development
  • Enabling environment for industry driven research
  • Innovative technology & applications
  • Influencing ICT Standards
  • Think Tank for Policy, Regulation, Business Model & Technology adaptation

Vision of TCOE India

Enable all Indians benefit from telecom technology for improving their quality of life; and Strive to make India a leader in telecom over the next decade.

Mission of TCOE India

Create synergy amongst academia, telecom industry and government for creation of new services/applications, generation of IPR, development of manufacturing capability, global telecom standardization activities, and promotion of entrepreneurship. Address technological and managerial challenges faced by Indian Industry in reaching all sections of society through affordable solutions, providing world class services, and having global presence.


  • Application oriented Telecom R &D and Innovation jointly with the Industry
  • Capacity building through "Training the Trainers" & "Entrepreneurship Development"
  • Think Tank activities for Policy Advocacy towards Governance & Regulation of Telecom Sector
  • Influencing Global Standards to cater to Indian needs

Establishment of Telecom Centres Of Excellence

TCOEs got the much needed impetus with signing of tri-partite Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) amongst Department of Telecom (Govt. of India), participating Institutes and Principal Sponsors from the Industry. TCOEs are an example of Government, Academia & Industry working together for sustained growth of telecom sector.

  • 1. IIMA IDEA Telecom Centre of Excellence (IITCOE)
  • 2. Vodafone IIT KGP Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications (VICET)
  • 3. Reliance IITM Centre of Excellence (RITCOE)
  • 4. Aircel IISc Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications (AIIScCET)
  • 5. Airtel IIT Delhi Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications (AICET)
  • 6. BSNL IITK Telecom Centre of Excellence (BITCOE)
  • 7. Tata Teleservices IITB Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications (TICET)
  • 8. RailTel IIT Roorkee Centre of Excellence in Telecom (RICET)

Set up of Ten Square:The General Body (GB) of TCOE India in its 9th GB Meeting held on 22 Dec 2015, under the Chairmanship of Secretary (T) has approved to set up an Entrepreneurship Development Centre now called as TEN Square in TCOE India premises at C-DoT Campus. Five startups were selected and three of them were incubated after a business pitch competition held on 06 Mar 2017.

Innovation in Mobile Application Development Ecosystem (I-MADE): Innovation in Mobile Application Development Ecosystem (I-MADE) was launched by Secretary, Department of Telecommunications on 09 Feb 2016, as an outcome of a series of Innovation Meets. The goal of the I-MADE program is to help Indian entrepreneurs build 1 million mobile app start-ups some of which can eventually become Indian unicorns. Around 300 institutes have been registered under the I-MADE program since 2016. The main component of the program is encouragement of Entrepreneurship through Hackathons and Industry & Investor connect solving societal and Industry challenges. A conference was also held on cashless and mobile higher education on 15 September 2017 where many students presented their business ideas.

TCOE India as IMT2020 Evaluator: TCOE India was registered as independent evaluator for IMT-2020 from India and stakeholders from industry were contacted to be part of the evaluation process. A series of stakeholders meetings were held to firm the action plan for the process of evaluation and TCOE India led the stakeholders during 28th meeting of ITU-R Working Party 5D (WP5D) at Munich.

Workshop on ‘5G Spectrum Roadmap: Transforming the Digital Landscape in India’: The workshop was organized by TCOE India through its IITCOE centre Ahmadabad, after a series of preparatory workshops. The final workshop was organized on 20th November 2017 in New Delhi, to arrive at a 5G spectrum roadmap for India and participants consisted of decision makers from Government, Regulatory bodies, Industry, Start-ups & Academia. A white paper was submitted to the Government being an outcome of the deliberations, as inputs for NTP 2018.

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