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  • Standards-R&D-Innovation (S-R-I) division was established in June 2019 to take forward the objectives of NDCP 2018, through enhanced and focused engagement.
    Globally, R&D and Standardization of DCTs (Digital Communications Technologies) have become deeply strategic and important for positioning a country in the international arena.
    In line with this, the NDCP 2018 succinctly mandated on DoT to play an active role in global supply chain, contribution to global technical standards, facilitating the development of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), strengthening domestic R&D, inter alia.
    Standards, R&D and Innovation are being significantly (as depicted in the above figure) intertwined in emerging Communication technologies enabling seamless worldwide connectivity & facilitating rapid digital transformation.
    Broad mandate of S-R-I division of DoT:
    1. Facilitate & co-ordinate DCT standardization efforts among/ with domestic stakeholders, International Standardization Bodies / platforms and other departments/ Ministries, and submission of technical and substantive contribution on international platforms.
    2. Establish DCT engagement repository/ portal to facilitate engagement with stakeholders on technical and substantive contributions on international platform.
    3. Facilitate DoT efforts on R&D, SMEs, Start-ups and innovation activities
    4. Carryout technical-policy research based on developments and submissions on international platforms.
    5. Co-ordinate with the IR, IC, WPC divisions, TEC, NTIPRIT, TSDSI etc. to represent unified position on international platforms.
    6. Related areas to enable and forward the above objectives.
    Programmes Launched:
    5G Vertical Engagement and Partnership Program (VEPP):
    SRI division has launched the 5G VEPP Program to facilitate necessary approvals, regulatory clearances to enable use case prototyping, pilots, demos, trials at the user or vertical industry premises.

    This initiative will help the vertical ministries to find all the sector-specific solution providers’ information at the one place. And also invited Expression of Interest for 5G VEPP to build strong collaboration partnerships across 5G Use-case ecosystem stakeholders.For more information, kindly visit
    Telecom Startups-MSMEs Mission (TSuM):
    Startups and MSMEs are envisioned as the backbone for technology development in realizing indigenous telecommunication technologies in line with Hon’ble PM’s Vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat. To promote ‘Ease of Doing Business and R&D’ for Startups & MSMEs, TSuM, an institutional mechanism, has been constituted. Establishment of “Facilitation Cell” under this mission, will ensure continuous engagement and necessary handholding/support to Startups and MSMEs. This facilitation includes R&D Funding, Trials/PoC opportunities, Spectrum requirement, Standardization and other handholding as may be necessary. For more information,kindly visit
    Current & envisaged activities chart: Activities are being taken up in co-ordination with other divisions/attached offices viz. IR, IC, NT, Satellite, WPC, TEC, C-DOT, NTIPRIT, TSDSI, Field units of DoT (Tech-verticals of LSAs).


    The division will continue to engage with MeitY, DST, BIS, DPIIT, NSCS, PSA office, NEST(MEA), other key ministries & State government departments, and others to better facilitate ecosystem stakeholders (start-ups, SMEs, academia, etc.) in coordination with other wings of DoT.
    Quick Links:
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    2. Launch of 5G Vertical Engagement and Partnership Program (VEPP)
    3. Launch of Telecom Startups-MSMEs Mission (TSuM)
    Team S-R-I/ Contact us:
    S. No.
    Name of the officer
    Mail id
    Mob. No.
    Shri YGSC Kishore Babu, DDG(S-R-I)
    95995 02288
    Shri Subhash Chand, Dir(S-R-I)
    Shri Brajesh Mishra, Director(TSuM)
    Shri A Alex Vikas, ADG(S-R-I)
    83749 59263
    Ms. Deepa, ADG(S-R-I)
    Shri Jitendra Bhoi, ADG(S-R-I)
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