Skill Development - SD Division

  • Work Allocation of Skill Development (SD) Division:

    1. To put in place an ecosystem:

    • To assess the manpower requirement at different skill and expertise levels by partnering with National Skill Development Corporation and industry to identify the relevant needs of the sector and prepare a roadmap.
    • To advise and assist Ministry of HRD to periodically upgrade academic curriculum of telecommunication course.
    • To create an enabling framework including funding mechanism to meet the demand for human resources in the sector in partnership with MHRD/Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE).
    • To form a high level Apex body (supported by advisory groups comprising representatives from industry, academia, PSUs etc.) to oversee and to act as guiding and enabling source for all aspects relating to skill development in telecom field.

    2. To develop other training institutes under DoT and its organizations as national level telecom schools of excellence for imparting training to Government/PSU officials and other stakeholders.

    3. To promote and augment vocational and non-formal training institutes in urban and rural areas to cater to the skill and training needs of telecom sector.

    4. To encourage collaboration with premier educational institutes like IITs and telecom research organizations of excellence for directing research and development to field problems.

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