Service Unit Wing

  • Work allocation of the Service Unit (SU) Wing:

    i. Nodal Wing in the ministry for all matters of M/S Telecommunications Consultants of India Limited (TCIL) & M/S ITI Limited (except Board level appointments).

    ii. Handles the residual matters of three companies- M/S HTL Limited, in which Government of India has 26% stake, M/S Tata Communications Ltd. (erstwhile VSNL), which has been completely disinvested in March, 2021 and M/S Hemisphere Properties India Limited (HPIL) which has been transferred to Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA) on 3rd October 2018.

    iii. The matters of these companies being handled by SU Wing include parliamentary matters, processing of Cabinet Notes, Digital Communication Commission (DCC) Memos, activities related to setting up, review and evaluation of annual MoU targets, allotment of budgetary grants under ITI’s revival plan, monitoring its progress, affirmative vote requests, special resolutions, annual general meeting resolutions, board agenda items, processing of legal cases/audit paras and PG/VIP cases, issues related to land assets, issues related to listing of PSUs in stock market, Further Public Offers (FPO) and disinvestment etc.

    iv. Implementation of the ‘Synergy Initiative’ among all PSUs and the organizations of the Department of Telecom (DoT) for optimum utilization of their resources in building a robust & secure telecommunication and information infrastructure. Under Synergy Initiative, efforts are also being made to ascertain the telecom needs of other Ministries and Departments and meet them through organizations/PSUs of DoT.


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