Security Assurance Division

  • Work allocation of Security Assurance Division:

    (i) All matters pertaining to Security audit of networks. CISO for telecom sector. Keeping abreast of security audit needs in coordination with National Cyber Coordination Centre and National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre.
    (ii) To scrutinize Organisational policy of Telecom Service Providers’ on security and security management of their networks, Network forensics, Network Hardening, Network penetration and Risk assessment,
    (iii) Getting vulnerability Assessment Penetration testing on sample basis for critical network elements.
    (iv) Matters related to Internet Governance and issues pertaining to Internet bodies like ICANNN, IFG including participation in Standing Committee on Internet Governance for ensuring a safe, secure and resilient internet.
    (v) Vulnerability assessment of cyber threat landscape related to telecom networks.
    (vi) Continuous assessment of cyber threat landscape related to telecom networks, maintaining database of Telecom incidents, analysis of trends and patterns of intruder activities, develop preventive strategy for telecom sector.
    (vii) Nodal unit for coordination in matters pertaining to security of Telecom networks.
    (viii) Matters pertaining to the National Cyber Security Coordinator.
    (ix) Matters pertaining to R&D activities, capacity building in the country and security standards for security assurance of Telecom networks.
    (x) Administration and operation of National User Device Registry.
    (xi) Policy framework regarding Telecom Security Testing.
    (xii) Coordinating the implementation of Security Projects pertaining to Security Assurance.
    (xiii) Inter-ministerial coordination in respect of security/monitoring issues of Internet Services.

    Work allocation of Security Assurance  - II:

    (i) Nodal Wing for Central for Developments of Telematics (C-DOT) regarding Administrative and Budgetary functions.
    (ii) Nodal Wing for Centralized Monitoring Systems (CMS).
    (iii) Nodal Wing Internet Monitoring System (IMS) and Inter Ministerial Group on IMS.
    (iv) Telecom Security Operations Centre (TSOC) project installation, operation and maintenance.
    (v) Parliament Questions/Assurances, legal matters, VIP references and RTI applications related to above subjects.

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