Request :

Please provide me the following information under RTI Act, 2005:
1. Copies of all the note sheets of the file number 24-1/2019-EW.
2. Copy of the Cabinet Secretariat Approval number 34/CM/2019(i) dated 8.11.2019, mentioned in OM number 24-1/2019-EW dated 14.11.2019.
3. Copy of the Note prepared by DoT and sent to Cabinet Secretariat for Approval in file number 24-1/2019-EW.
4. Copies of all the note sheets of the file number 24-2/2012-EW.
5. Copy of the DoPT OM number 11011/5/2013-CRD dated 31.7.2019 in file number 24-2/2012-EW.
6. Copy of the CRC meeting minutes of meeting dated 7.8.2019.
It is further requested to raise the demand for the additional amount for the documents, on the website to enable me to make the cashless payment and saving of trees.

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