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Dear Honorable Minister for Telecom

This is to bring to your kind notice and prompt action their too, we are very positive about your government and expect the same governance under your umbrella , Hope your will also agree that since we have showed trust in you then you also ascertain the same that trust should not be shaken of the tax payer and customer .

The issue is regarding to telecom service provider Jio network services their is so much of call drop and network issues regarding the service provider when ever I tried several times to get it touch with the customer care they are so confident in making mention that services will improve in 3 month or more and sometime no answer .Are they instructed to do the same .Or they have some upper hand in cheating the customers and handle their user base in an insulting manner .
Well in that case is there any penalty clause under TRAI that if there is any call drop or network related issue ( irrespective of some areas its every where ) the service provider will be penalized by imposing penalty and fine .My query is for which I want answer point wise as per prevailing law in India and TRAI rules . And as per my fundamental right being citizen of India .

1-What is the action taken by the TRAI if the telecom company is no able to provide a proper service as they are offering.
2-How can a company charge advance money in name of offer or scheme if they are totally a failure in term of service .
3- Who is the single point of contact for one shot grievance redressal who can resolve the issue in one time.
4- What is compensation & what is the procedure and whom to contact , for 1 year association with such company
5-What is the legal provision to file against Jio under IPC as there is difference in what is promised and what is served which falls under Cheating an forgery which is IPC 420.
6-What is the maximum speed provided by them and what are they providing currently.
7-What is the maximum time limit of resolution of any problem.
8-What is the resolution of call drop.

Thanks & With Warm Regards,
Alhamd Khan
Mobile - 9582949550

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