Joint Secretary - Telecom

  • Mandate of Office of Joint Secretary (T):

    1. Digital Communications Commission Secretariat.
    2. All matters relating to implementation and co-ordination of National Digital Communications Policy-2018 including 5G.
    3. National Broadband Mission
    4. Indian Telegraph Right of Way Rules, 2016 and related issues.
    5. PM’s Infrastructure Target Review Meeting
    6. Monitoring of SGoS activities, NIP, NBM, Compliance burden, PMO – Biweekly report.
    7. Matters related to Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF)
    8. Telecom development in remote areas, LWE affected areas and NER
    9. Uncovered villages
    10. Rural Telephony
    11. Islands related works including submarine cable.
    12. Monitoring of all recommendations of the TRAI, its submission to the Standing Committee
    13. All matters regarding Standing Committee on Policy
    14. BharatNet/ NOFN
    15. Mobile/ Internet/WiFi at tourist places
    16. Co-ordination in areas concerning Broadband and related VIP references
    17. Components/ Sub-components of Digital India Programme related to DoT
    18. Formulation of investment policies and procedures for the Telecom Sector.
    19. Formulation of policies for development of telecom equipment manufacturing sector.
    20. Providing assistance in formulation of Import and Export polices for the Telecom Sector.
    21. Export promotion of telecom equipment and services.
    22. Co-ordination of all matters relating to customs & excise duties and other direct and indirect taxes for telecom sector.
    23. Preparation of telecom sector’s proposals relating to Annual Budget
    24. Interaction with Business Councils/Industries Associations regarding investment promotion.
    25. PMI policy in telecom sector.
    26. Champion Services Sector Scheme
    27. International arbitration under BIT/ BIPA.
    28. Coordination with various Ministries/Departments for their schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana (PMAGY), Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY), Digital Village, NKN etc.
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