Information Technology - IT

  • Information Technology (IT) Wing

    Mandate of Information Technology (IT) Division :

    1. Service matters of Technical Telecom Cadres of Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’
    2. Transfer, posting, promotion, financial upgradation and deputation of Technical Telecom Cadres (ITS, TTS, TFS, GCS, TES Group-B and JTO) of the Deptt. 
    3. Implementation of Sparrow and APAR Custodian
    4. Engagement of Consultants
    5. Engineering Services Exam-Rules for ITS Group ‘A’ & JTO Group ‘B’.
    6. Matters related to appointment of ITS Group ‘A’ & JTO Group ‘B’ officers based on Engineering Services Examination
    7. Probation /confirmation of DR/Promotee ITS Group ‘A’ officers and DR JTO Group ‘B’ officers
    8. Matters related to commercial employment after retirement in respect of ITS/TTS/GCS Group ‘A’ officers
    9. Matters related to Permanent Absorption of ITS/GCS Group ‘A’ officers and Group ‘B’ officers in BSNL/MTNL
    10. Issuing the seniority list of officers of Technical Telecom Cadres (ITS, TTS, TFS, GCS, TES Group-B and JTO) of the Deptt.
    11. Maintenance of Blue Book of ITS Group ‘A’ officers.
    12. Maintenance of Service Book of officers of Technical Telecom Cadres (ITS, TTS, TFS, GCS, TES Group-B and JTO) of the Deptt.
    13. Processing of Disciplinary cases of officers of Technical Telecom Cadres (ITS, TTS, TFS, GCS, TES Group-B and JTO) of the Deptt.
    14. Residual Service matters of BSNL/MTNL absorbed employees prior to their absorption
    15. Processing of disciplinary cases of Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ officials (DoT Optee/unabsorbed in BSNL/MTNL)
    16. Cadre control functions in respect of unabsorbed employees of BSNL/MTNL belonging to Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ cadres.
    17. All residual matters relating to Telecom Factory
    18. Union representations and court cases related to Personnel Wing.

    Work distribution amongst Sections:


    Work distribution

    Contact Details


    Maintenance of IT Equipment’s

    Mr. Akhil Rajput,


    Email: akhil[dot]rajput[at]gov[dot]in


    email: dirit1-dot[at]gov[dot]in,

    Room No.: 422,

    Phone No.: 011-23372740


    AEBAS Implementation in DoT HQ


    LAN Network O&M at Sanchar Bhawan


    DSC Installation


    VC Equipment Operations


    eOffice Implementation and Operations


    email: webadmin-dot[at]nic[dot]in,  

    Room No.: 1408,

    Phone No.: 011-23036277,

    Intercom: 6277



    email: eofficeadmin-dot[at]gov[dot]in,

    Room No.: 1116, C-13,

    Phone No.: 011-23036920,

    Intercom: 6920


    email: dirit2-dot[at]gov[dot]in,

    Room No.: 1415,

    Phone No.: 011-23372104,

    Intercom: 6813


    DoT Website - content management


    DoT Dashboard - content management


    Sub-domain Management


    NIC Cloud (MEGHRAJ)


    Sparrow Administration


    AEBAS implementation in other Offices


    Procurement of IT Hardware and Software



    Email: dirit3-dot[at]nic[dot]in,

    Room No.: 1419,

    Phone No.: 01123036265,

    Intercom: 6265


    Procurement of IT Services


    Procurement of DSCs


    RTI Matters


    Coordination work for IT Division


    IT Works handled by other divisions:


    Work distribution

    Contact Details



    Under Secretary (T),

    email: rajnandan[dot]kumar[at]nic[dot]in,

    Phone No.: 23036300,

    Intercom: 6300 




    Mr. Subodh Kumar Jayaswal, US


    Room No: 419, Sanchar Bhawan

    Phone No.: 011-23310133, Intercom: 6226




    Shri Sumish, US

    email: sumish[dot]82[at]gov[dot]in

    Room No: 416, Sanchar Bhawan

    Phone No: 011-23036884, Intercom: 6210



    eMail, eForms, VPN

    Senior System Analyst,

    Room No.: 1303,

    Phone No.: 011-23036722.

    email: abhusri[at]gov[dot]in

    Senior Technical Director,

    Room No.: 1303,

    Phone No: 011-23036722,

    email: gbakhta[at]gov[dot]in



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