Finance Division

  • Work Allocation of Finance Division:

    DDG (Finance) is heading Internal Finance Division (IFD) of the Ministry under Member (F), Digital communication commission (DCC) DoT. DDG (Finance) also acts as a Financial Advisor to the Additional Secretary, DoT. 

    IFD renders Finance advice on proposals pertaining to tenders for procurement and execution of contracts. All the proposals requiring approval of Secretary and Hon’ble Minister are examined by the IFD for concurrence. Besides this, it also includes the following:

    1. Examination of Cabinet Notes and DCC Notes;
    2. Examination of EE/RPE/EFC Memos;
    3. Delegation of financial powers;
    4. Creation/abolition of posts;
    5. Cases related to TRAI, TDSAT and C-DOT;
    6. Nodal for granting relaxation for journeys by private airlines;
    7. Examination of cadre review proposals of all the services/cadres of DoT;
    8. Deputation/Delegation/Training in India and abroad;
    9. Approval of Expenditure to Seminar/Conferences etc., in India and abroad
    10. Cases relating to admissibility of Medical Attendance Rules;
    11. Honorarium and award etc. to Staff;
    12. Nodal wing for GeM in the DoT
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