Establishment Division

  • Mandate of Establishment Division:

    1. Cadre Control and Establishment matters like creation, retention and diversion of posts of Technical Telecom Cadres (ITS, GCS, TES Group-B and JTO) of the Department.
    2. Cadre Control and Service matters including posting and transfers of Civil, Electrical and Architectural Services of the Department.
    3. Recruitment Rules of ITS, Telecom cadre posts and other posts in DoT field units.
    4. Establishment matters related to DoT field units.
    5. Co-ordination with BSNL/MTNL and DoT Field Units on establishment matters.
    6. Policy matters involving pay & allowances, medical facilities and reimbursement, CGEGIS, CGHS, advances, LTC, Income Tax and bonus etc.
    7. Implementation of Pay Commission notifications and settlement of anomalies arising thereby.
    8. Policy matters related to retirement benefits including issues arising out of absorption of DoT employees in BSNL and MTNL.
    9. All matters relating to clarification of pension and allied matters from various DoT units.
    10. Circulation of DoP&PW orders to all concerned in DoT.
    11. Settlement of Pension/family pension, DCRG and commutation of pension cases of employees of all cadres retiring from DoT HQ, CDA retirees from BSNL HQ and Heads of DoT field units/CCA offices/ BSNL circles.
    12. Preparation of pensioners’ Identity Card.
    13. GPF final payment verification.
    14. Issuing of service certificate for availing concessional telephone facility after retirement.
    15. Pension/family pension revision, restoration of pension cases.
    16. Matters related to verification of service and issuing of Qualifying Service Certificate.
    17. Matters related to interest on delayed payment of DCRG, Life Time Arrear cases , undrawn family pension, Ex-gratia cases etc.
    18. Ratification of pension cut cases of BSNL retirees.
    19. Sanction of Fixed Medical Allowance on one time option change.
    20. Matters related with discharge of pensionary liability of DoT for counting of past service.
    21. Matters related to Pension Adalat, SCOVA Meeting etc.
    22. Union representations and court cases related to Establishment Wing.
    23. Member of different committees related to transfer, posting, DPC, confirmation etc.
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