Economic Research Unit - ERU

  • Work Allocation of Economic Research Unit (ERU):

    1. Preparation of Annual Report of the Department of Telecommunications.
    2. Preparation of Annual Statistical Bulletin of DoT
    3. Supply of Telecom Statistics to International Organizations like International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
    4. Monitoring of Global Indices namely ICT Development Index (IDI) and Network Readiness Index (NRI).
    5. Interaction with ITU on IDI
    6. Work related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
    7. Handling other Global Indices as a line Ministry.
    8. Preparation of inputs for Pre-budget economic survey.
    9. Collection of Telephone Subscribers data on monthly basis and preparation of various reports on telephone subscribers data, tele-density, total number of connections (Rural/ Urban) and License-wise operators etc.
    10. Compilation, tabulation and analysis of statistical data and preparation of monthly & quarterly reports
    11. Preparation of DCC memo on telecom parameters
    12. Presentation of Telecom Parameters before DCC
    13. Providing material for Updating DoT dashboard
    14. Compilation of material for Finance Minister’s Budget Speech.
    15. Socio Economic Studies.
    16. Preparation and supply of Material for Press Information Bureau on Annual basis.
    17. Supply of data to various other Ministries / Departments as well as different wings of DoT as per requirement.
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