Disaster Management

  • A. About us

    Disaster Management (DM) Unit of DoT play a pivotal role in maintaining continuity of telecom services pre, during and post disasters. The unit also handles projects having national importance viz. Early warning Dissemination through Common Alert Protocol (CAP) based SACHET platform, Automated Priority Call Routing and Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) networks, which will help to provide a better response to disaster as well as improve disaster resilience of the country. DM Unit also facilitates guidance/ support to Coalition of Disaster Resilience Infrastructure (CDRI) for conducting study on telecom resilience.

    B. Functional Structure

    C. Broad Mandate & Functions:

    1.Coordination with Stakeholders (DGT Hq/ LSAs/ TSPs/ NDMA/ MHA) for priority restoration of telecom services during & post disasters as per provisions of SOP-2020 for responding to disasters.

    2. Coordination regarding functioning of Control Room during disasters.

    3. Matters related to National Crisis Management Committee.

    4. Matters related to implementation of alert dissemination based on Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) through multiple mediums viz. Telecom network, TV, Radio, Indian Railways Public Address Systems, Coastal Sirens including necessary coordination with C-DOT/ NDMA/ SDMA/ MHA etc.

    Coordination with C-DOT/ NDMA/ SDMA/ Telecom Operators etc. for implementation of Automated Priority CalI Routing.

    Matter related to tariff finalization for alerts through CAP platform.

    5. Matter pertaining to implementation of Cell Broadcasting including coordination with MeitY, Handset Manufacturers, OS Developers, C-DOT and Telecom Operators.

    6. Facilitating the establishment of a State-of-the-art Pan India LTE based network for Public Safety and Disaster Relief Agencies in coordination with MHA/ NDMA supporting data at high speed, voice in mission critical mode integrated across agencies having enhanced security and high availability.

    7. Review/ modification of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for responding to disasters.

    8. Matters related to finalization of Disaster Management Plan of DoT focusing on PM’s 10 Point Agenda for Disaster Risk Reduction (2016) & Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) in coherence with other international agreements such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement on Climate Change (COP-21).

    9. Providing guidance/ support to Coalition of Disaster Resilience Infrastructure (CDRI) for conducting study on Disaster Risk and Resilience Assessment Framework & Roadmap for Telecom Sector and sharing associated best practices with other partner countries/multilateral institutions.

    D. Important documents

    Instructions to TSPs for implementation of Cell Broadcasting
    SOP-2020 for responding to disasters.
    National Disaster Management Plan-2019.
    TRAI Recommendations on BB-PPDR-2018.
    TRAI Recommendations on BB-PPDR-2018.
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