INSAT Mobile Satellite System Reporting Service (INSAT MSS Reporting Service) is a one way  satellite based messaging service available through INSAT. The basic nature of this service is to provide a reporting channel via satellite to the group of people, who by virtue of their nature of work are operating from remote locations without any telecom facilities and need to send short textual message or short data occasionally to a central station. This service provides one way message reporting (transmit only) facility from anywhere in India. The applicant must be an Indian company, registered under Indian Companies Act 1956.

The total foreign equity in the applicant company must not exceed 49% at any time during the entire license period. Investment in the equity of the applicant company by an NRI/OCB/International funding Agencies will be counted towards its foreign equity. In this regard the applicant company shall submit a certificate from competent authority to the effect that total foreign equity in the applicant company does not exceed 49%.

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