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    Chief Vigilance Officer
    Room-901, Sanchar Bhawan.
    Tele: 011-23372111, 011-23036688
    Fax 011-23372115
    Email Id: cvo-dot[at]gov[dot]in


    Director (VM)
    Room 904, Sanchar Bhawan
    Tele:- 011-23372333
    FAX: 011-23753033
    Email Id: dirvm-dot[at]gov[dot]in


    Director (Vig.I)
    Room No. 903, Sanchar Bhawan
    Tele:- 011-23372722
    FAX: 011-23372721
    Email Id: dirvig1-dot[at]gov[dot]in


    Director (VA)
    Room No. 906, Sanchar Bhawan
    Tele:- 011-23372066, 011-23036025
    Fax: 011-23372369
    Email Id: dirva-dot[at]gov[dot]in


    Director (VP)
    Room 911,Sanchar Bhawan,
    Tele: - 011-23372709, 011-23036872
    FAX: 011-23372710
    Email Id: dirvp1-dot[at]nic[dot]in


    Director (V.Tech)
    Room no. 909, Sanchar Bhawan
    Tele:- 011-23372335, 011-23036966
    FAX: 011-23372369
    Email Id: dirvtech-dot[at]nic[dot]in


    Dy. Secretary (VB )
    Room 912, Sanchar Bhawan
    Tele:- 011-23372403, 011-23036301
    Email Id: dysecyvig[dot]hq-dot[at]nic[dot]in

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