Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

  • The Information and Communication (ICT) sector is one of the contributors in global Green House Gases (GHG) emission. On the basis of current projections, GHG emissions from the Telecom sector is expected to double by 2020 inspite of innovations to accelerate energy efficiency.

    Within the ICT sector, the Telecommunication sector is responsible for half of these emissions largely due to the massive telecom infrastructure expansion, in developing and fast emerging economies like India. The primary reason for this is the proliferation of a large number of Mobile Network towers that consumes 1-5 KW of power, mostly dependent on diesel generator sets due to non-availability electrical power supply in rural areas.

    As availability of quality power in the Indian rural areas, is not assured, battery is used as power back-up which keeps un-interrupted power supply for the desired period. Two of the most common alternate power solutions are diesel generator and inverter-battery systems. The noise and environment pollution pose major hurdles in operating diesel generator sets.

    The diesel generators leave large carbon footprints which may cause enormous degradation of the Environment apart from getting the power at high cost. Distributed generating renewable energy based power system such as solar photovoltaic, small wind-turbine generator, hybrid power systems other climate friendly energy sources and combining renewable energy and conventional power are normally ideal alternate solutions for powering un-electrified areas or the areas where grid power is available only for a part of the day.

    Clean Development mechanism (CDM) is a way to reduce Green House Gases emissions (i.e. GHGs emissions) through efficient and sound technologies. It is an opportunity not just for CDM but for long term sustainable development of the nation. TRAI recommendations on the subject are available in their website.

    Ministry of Environment & Forests (MOEF) has also given a strong view to implement the Clean Development mechanism for Indian Telecom Sector. Since the Telecom infrastructure is spread all over the country at scattered locations and moreover there are several Telecom operators in wireless domain across the country, DoT intends to facilitate the operators for undertaking/initiating a programmatic or bundled CDM project installing renewable energy sources in mobile BTS scattered across the country. Department of Telecom also intends to extend the necessary help in finalizing the modalities for developing CDM project in consultation with MOEF. The projects shall be strictly in accordance with the guidelines for CDM under Kyoto Protocol

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