Organisation & Method(O&M)

S.No. Order/Circular Name Download File Dated
25 Minutes of the meeting on 05.03.14 Regarding implementation of recommendations of 2nd ARC in DoT. Download (195.06 KB) pdf 14.03.2014
24 Inspection Questionnaire For Term Cell on (O&M) for 2012-2013 Download (5.3 MB) pdf 06.02.2014
23 Revision of Compendium on "Channel of submission and level of final disposal of cases in DoT" Download (168.16 KB) pdf 03.02.2014
22 Appendix-56(Inspection Questionnaire on Organisation &Methods(O&M) Download (197.5 KB) pdf 19.12.2013
21 Appendix-57(Inspection Questionnaire for Departmental Record Room) Download (87.58 KB) pdf 19.12.2013
20 Appendix-58 (Management Information System(MIS) Download (162.69 KB) pdf 19.12.2013
19 Induction Note Download (959.25 KB) pdf 01.04.2013
18 Compendium on " Channel of Submission and Level of Final Disposal of Cases in DOT Download (2.27 MB) pdf 25.01.2012
17 List of Holidays and declaration of closed holiday by DOP&T on various occasions Download (59.97 KB) pdf 25.03.2011
16 Allocation of work to Malay Srivastava ,Joint Seccretary(T) in Department of Telecommunication Download (21.73 KB) pdf 23.02.2011
15 Nomination of Link Officer of JS(A) and JS(T) in DOT Download (16 KB) pdf 08.12.2010
14 Re-allocation of work assigned to Director (RK) Download (18 KB) pdf 07.12.2010
13 Allocation of work to Shri Malay Srivastava, Joint Secretary (T) Download (32.48 KB) pdf 20.10.2010
12 Notification regarding appoinment of Shri Unmesh Sharad Wagh as OSD to Hon'ble Minister of State for COmmunication and Information Technlogy (Shri Gurudas Kamat) w.e.f. 09.06.2010 Download (36 KB) pdf 07.09.2010
11 Allocation of work to Advisor (O)/ Advisor (T) Download (18.61 KB) pdf 16.08.2010
10 Transfer of work on Disaster Management to DS wing- regarding (Office Order no. 20) Download (18.52 KB) pdf 17.12.2009
9 Change in reporting of Advisor (Technology) in respect of work relating to IR, TEC, Security, MTNL and BSNL operational matters- regarding (Office Order no. 19) Download (22.49 KB) pdf 08.12.2009
8 Change in reporting of Advisor (Technology) in respect of work relating to IR, TEC, Security, MTNL and BSNL operational matters Download (26.21 KB) pdf 01.12.2009
7 Allocation of work to Shri R.K. Chandolia working as Economic Advisor in Department of Telecommunications Download (31 KB) doc 18.11.2009
6 Office Order No. 15 of 2009; Handling of allied functions relating to Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 by a single nodal officer viz. DDG(PG). Download (2.85 MB) pdf 16.10.2009


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