S.No. Order/Circular Name Download File Datedsort descending
255 Sh.Ajay Kumar anon official is appointed as LDC in the personal staff of cabinet minister in the forenoon 27.05.2014 Download (62.57 KB) pdf 13.11.2014
254 Sh.Sanjeev Kumar is a non official staff as APS of Cabinet minister w.e.f.10.11.2014 Download (96.28 KB) pdf 18.11.2014
253 Sh.Sita Ram Non official is appointed as attendant in the personal staff of cabinet minister w.e.f.27.5.2014 Download (53.53 KB) pdf 25.11.2014
252 consequent inter cadre transfer and nomination of this deptt. of SH.M.R.Kandle,Assistant can be taken in the strength of DOT w.e.forenoon 2-10-2014. Download (67.5 KB) pdf 03.12.2014
251 Shri. Parvindra Kumar ,anon official is appointed as Hindi Stenographer personnel staff of MOC&IT Download (1.02 MB) pdf 09.12.2014
250 The appointment of Sh.Saurabh Kumar,Deptt. of Revenue, Ministry of Finance as APS is as the discretion of and coterminous with the tenure of MOS&C&IT Download (97.79 KB) pdf 10.12.2014
249 Appointment of Shri Budh Ratan, Under Secretary on regular basis Download (85.65 KB) pdf 26.12.2014
248 Appointment of Shri S.L. Barodia, Deputy Secretary Download (64.08 KB) pdf 26.12.2014
247 Order regarding Appointment of Section Officer Download (201.21 KB) pdf 06.01.2015
246 Notification regarding appointment of Section Officers Download (223.96 KB) pdf 06.01.2015
245 Posting of Shri S.L. Barodia, Deputy Secretary Download (64.08 KB) pdf 08.01.2015
244 Relieving of Shri Vijay Kumar, Section Officer Download (99.73 KB) pdf 15.01.2015
243 Office order regarding appointment of 9 steno D. Download (1.86 MB) pdf 16.01.2015
242 Notification regarding inclusion of select list of PPS 4 Download (1.85 MB) pdf 19.01.2015
241 Order regarding appointment of Steno D , 4 person Download (1.98 MB) pdf 19.01.2015
240 Order No. 3 Download (128.53 KB) pdf 29.01.2015
239 Retirement notification of Shri C.K. Srivastava, SO. Download (86.17 KB) pdf 02.02.2015
238 Posting transfer in the grade of Steno D PA Download (1.27 MB) pdf 13.02.2015
237 Notification regarding appointment of Shri Amit Prakash, DD(OL) Download (1.62 MB) pdf 17.02.2015
236 Relieving of Shri Ram Dutt. Download (95.99 KB) pdf 18.02.2015


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