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ACCOUNTS on 11.02.2016

Office of  Controllers of Communication Accounts

The offices of DoT Cells were created on 01.10.2000 due to the corporation of the Department of Telecom Operation and the Department of Telecom Services.  These units were created, co-terminus to the territorial/ancillary telecom circle headquarters to ensure government presence for settlement of retirement/pensionary benefits like; pension, commutation of pension, DCRG etc. of the BSNL employees.  Initially, 44 units were created.

With the expansion of the range of functions delegated to these DoT Cells, beyond the mere settlement of pension and terminal benefits, the nomenclature of the DoT Cells was changed to the office of Controller of Communications Accounts.  The designation of the officers working in the offices of Controller of Communications Accounts were accordingly changed as under:-

HAG - Principal Controller of Communications Accounts

SAG - Controller of Communications Accounts

JAG - Jt. Controller of Communications Accounts

STS - Dy. Controller of Communications Accounts

JTS - Asstt. Controller of Communications Accounts

Sr.AO - Sr.Communications Accounts Officer

AO - Communications Accounts Officer

AAO - Asstt.Communications Accounts Officer

Later, for administrative reasons, the CCA offices at Ancillary Circles were amalgamated with the respective Territorial Circles with which the number of offices of CCAs has been reduced to 26 from 44.

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