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    Asset Management (AM) Division is responsible for preparation as well as monitoring of overall asset management policy in respect of Department of Telecom and related offices as well as Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) under the administrative control of Department of Telecommunication. Asset Management Division deals with the work of overall monitoring of the land and building assets and related issues. It also deals with the finalization of policy regarding schedule of accommodation and standards of staff quarters.

    The Division deals with the asset cases requiring approval of the President in accordance with the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Article of Association (AoA) of PSUs, handling the work of inter-departmental/ inter-ministerial transfer as well as acquisition of land and buildings, retention of land and buildings for DoT Units and other Government offices, management of joint held properties, monitors the work of verification of DoT assets and related matter of schedule of accommodation in respect of DoT field units. It also deals with work relating to approval of lease/ renting of office space/staff quarters as well as estimates for repair/ renovation/ construction of buildings for DoT and its field offices.

    This wing also deals with uploading and monitoring of data on Government Land Information System (GLIS) portal relating to the land and building under the DoT. Asset Management Division is also responsible for preparation, monitoring and compilation of Asset Register as per format prescribed by Ministry of Finance communicated by Controller General of Accounts (CGA).

    Pursuant to Cabinet decision on revival of BSNL/MTNL and target set for National Monetization Pipeline, monetisation of Core and Non-Core Assets of BSNL/MTNL has become very important work for the Asset Management Division of DoT.

    Organisation Chart of Asset Management Wing, DoT HQ



    Release of Compendium of Asset Management Division by Shri Manish Sinha, Member(Finance) DCC on 31.01.2023 at Sanchar Bhawan, DoT New Delhi

    Contact Details:

    Name Designation Room No. Email Contact No.
    Shri Kashi Nath Jha DDG 302, Sanchar Bhawan ddgam-dot[at]gov[dot]in 23310370
    Sh. Preetinder Singh Padda Director(AM-I) 1413, Sanchar Bhawan preetinder[dot]padda[at]gov[dot]in 23030040
    Gp.Capt. Pradeep Marwaha Director(AM-II) 1406, Sanchar Bhawan pradeep.marwaha[at]gov[dot]in 23036069
    Sh. Anit Axeria AO 612, Sanchar Bhawan anit[dot]1982[at]gov[dot]in 23036857
    Sh. Deepak Kumar AO 1234, Sanchar Bhawan deepakkumar[dot]1974[at]gov[dot]in 23036857
    Sh. Bhaskar Majumder AAO 1234, Sanchar Bhawan bhasker[dot]majumder[at]gov[dot]in 23036857
    Sh. Vipin Vaishnav AAO 1234, Sanchar Bhawan vipin[dot]vaishnav121[at]gov[dot]in 23036857
    Shri KVSN Maruthi AAO 612, Sanchar Bhawan maruthi[dot]kvsn[at]gov[dot]in 23036857


    Important Achievements & Targets to be achieved during 2022-23: -

    (a) Preparation and updation of Asset Register for DoT Assets (Land & Buildings). (Ongoing process)

    (b) Updation of all land records in GLIS (Govt. Land Information System) portal for DoT HQ, field units, attached offices, Statutory bodies including PSUs and Autonomous Bodies.

    (C ) Updation of all building records in GLIS portal of DoT HQ., field units, attached offices, Statutory bodies including PSUs and Autonomous Bodies.

    (d) Monetisation of Core Assets (Mobile towers etc. on PPP mode (Ongoing process).

    (e) Monetisation of Non-Core Assets (Land and Building) of BSNL and MTNL.    (Ongoing process)


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