All Circulars

501 Relieving order of Sh S K Mehra Download (124.5 KB) application/pdf 05.11.2020
502 APPOINTMENT OF SH AKMAL HASSAN STAFF NO 21212 AS DIRECTOR ESTT IN MTNL DELHI Download (39.02 KB) application/pdf 05.11.2020
503 Routine transfer and posting of IRRS Officers under transfer policy for the year 2020-21 Download (380.87 KB) application/pdf 04.11.2020
504 ANTEDATE THE GRANT OF JAG SELECTION GRADE OF ITS GROUP A 2003-04 BATCH AND EARLIER Download (144.74 KB) application/pdf 03.11.2020
505 Filling up the post of Professor, Associate Professor- SG & Associate Professor in the National Institute of Financial Management on deputation basis - reg. Download (4.75 MB) application/pdf 03.11.2020
506 Filling up the post of Vice-Chairman in Inland Waterways Authority of India Noida by transfer on deputation basis - reg. Download (2.19 MB) application/pdf 02.11.2020
507 Appointment of Sh. Rakesh Chandra Tiwari, PGM, ITS,DoT to the post of Director, Marketing, ITI Ltd. Download (444.65 KB) application/pdf 02.11.2020
508 Special concessions to Central Government Employees working in Kashmir Valley in attached/subordinate offices or PSUs falling under the control of Central Government Download (1.47 MB) application/pdf 30.10.2020
509 Retirement of officers of ITS Group A on attaining the age of Superannuation as on 31/10/2020- Regarding Download (53.71 KB) application/pdf 29.10.2020
510 Missing APARs in respect of ITS Group A officers Download (461.73 KB) application/pdf 29.10.2020
511 EXTENSION OF DEPUTATION IN RESPECT OF SH DEVENDER DWIVEDI ITS STAFF NO 20750 Download (40.88 KB) application/pdf 29.10.2020
512 CADRE CLEARANCE IN RESPECT OF SH ARUN GUPTA ITS STAFF NO 21199 Download (40.8 KB) application/pdf 29.10.2020
513 Transfer and Posting of IRRS Group- A Officers below SAG level in WPC/WMO Download (702.28 KB) application/pdf 29.10.2020
514 Promotion to the grade of Assistant Wireless Advisor/Engineer-in-Charge in Group-A IRRS cadre. Download (383.65 KB) application/pdf 29.10.2020
515 Transfer and Posting of ITS Group A in SAG Download (35.92 KB) application/pdf 28.10.2020
516 Transfer & Posting of Sh Jaykumar N Thorat Staff No 20623 Download (39.6 KB) application/pdf 28.10.2020
517 Posting of officers in JAG STS ITS Group A & AD JTO of TES Group B at NTIPRIT Ghaziabad Download (79.85 KB) application/pdf 28.10.2020
518 ORDER IN RESPECT OF SH MUNISH KAPOOR STAFF NO 111380 Download (40.89 KB) application/pdf 28.10.2020
519 Stay Particulars of IP&TAFS Group A Officers -reg. Download (3.8 MB) application/pdf 27.10.2020
520 Issuance of Pre-loaded Rupay Cards for Government Servants as part of Special Festival Package-reg Download (1.59 MB) application/pdf 27.10.2020
521 Transfer & Posting of Sh AJAY NAIN Staff No 21412 Download (31.36 KB) application/pdf 26.10.2020
522 Special cash package equivalent in lieu of Leave Travel Concession Fare for Central Government Employees during Block 2018-21 Download (1.3 MB) application/pdf 22.10.2020
523 Grant of Advance -Special Festival package to Government Servants-Reg Download (716.7 KB) application/pdf 22.10.2020
524 Grant of Non-Productivity Linked Bonus -ad-hoc bonus- to Central Government Employees for the year 2019-20- reg Download (2.08 MB) application/pdf 22.10.2020
525 Clarification regarding queries being received in respect of Special cash package equivalent in lieu of Leave Travel Concession Fare for Central Government Employees during the Block 2018-21 Download (1.19 MB) application/pdf 22.10.2020


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