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S. No. ORDER/CIRCULAR NAME Download Datedsort descending
526 Transfer and Porting of officer in STS of ITS Group-A - Shri Satyesh Kumar Staff No 21367 Download (351.26 KB) application/pdf 26.10.2022
527 Delegation of power for transfer and posting of officers within LSAs -reg Download (439.53 KB) application/pdf 26.10.2022
528 Request for clarification on the prevention of tempering of the Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number-Amendment Rules, 2022 Download (1.39 MB) application/pdf 27.10.2022
529 Request for clarification on the prevention of tempering of the Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number-Amendment Rules, 2022 Download (1.39 MB) application/pdf 27.10.2022
530 List of NLD Licensees as on 30.09.2022 Download (52.9 KB) application/pdf 28.10.2022
531 List of IP-I registered Companies as on 30.09.2022 Download (4.28 MB) application/pdf 28.10.2022
532 Transfer and Posting in SAG of ITS Group-A - Shri B Sunil Kumar Staff No 8584 to BSNL Download (35.65 KB) application/pdf 28.10.2022
533 Transfer and Posting in JAG of ITS Group-A Order dated 28-10-2022 Download (56.08 KB) application/pdf 28.10.2022
534 Retirement of Officers of ITS Group-A on attaining the age of Superannuation as on 31-10-2022 - Shri Ashok Kumar Tiwari and Shri Kalyan Kishor Singh Download (524.9 KB) application/pdf 31.10.2022
535 DO from Member Technology Shri Ashok Kumar Tiwari Download (97.49 KB) application/pdf 31.10.2022
536 Extension of deputation tenure of Shri Vinod Dayashankar Godghate Staff No 20710 CVO Mines and Mineral Corporation Download (55.11 KB) application/pdf 31.10.2022
537 Taken on strength - Shri Rahul Jain 21457, Shri Tushar Rastogi 21459 and Shri Rahul Chauhan 21464 dated 31-10-2022 Download (38.64 KB) application/pdf 31.10.2022
538 DoT extends PLI Scheme for Telecom and Networking Products to 42 beneficiaries with a total committed Outlay of Rs 4,115 crore Download (1 MB) application/pdf 31.10.2022
539 ZERO PENDENCY MISSION Download (151.49 KB) application/pdf 02.11.2022
540 Review of Monthly Account upto the month of August - 2022 - Reg. Download (486.13 KB) application/pdf 02.11.2022
541 Pension Adalat dated 23.09.2022 Download (128.18 KB) application/pdf 02.11.2022
542 Central Government Account - Receipts and Payments Rules, 2022- Reg. Download (1.18 MB) application/pdf 02.11.2022
543 Procedure for creation/approval of sanction ID user registration process in PFMS to enhance the secuirty feature in PFMS Download (358.77 KB) application/pdf 02.11.2022
544 Nomination of officers from Reserve List for Management Component of Mid-Career Training Programme MCTP of ITS Gr. A Officers : Phase-I Batch-02 Download (713.27 KB) application/pdf 02.11.2022
545 Notification for engagement of consultants in Group B on temporary contract basis in DoT Kerala LSA Download (3.58 MB) application/pdf 02.11.2022
546 Monthly Summary for the Cabinet on important events of the Department of Telecommunications for the month of September, 2022 Download (7.54 MB) application/pdf 03.11.2022
547 DoP&PW OM dated 25.10.2022 regarding pension to be taken for commutation after retirement Download (603.44 KB) application/pdf 03.11.2022
548 DoP&PW OM dated 25.10.2022 regarding whether deduction toward commutation are required to be made from family pension for the remaining period in cases where the pensioner dies before the restoration of commuted pension. Download (560.1 KB) application/pdf 03.11.2022
549 DoP&PW OM dated 25.10.2022 regarding deduction of commuted pension from the pension revised in implementation of recommendation of Pay Commission etc. Download (507.95 KB) application/pdf 03.11.2022
550 DoP&PW OM dated 25.10.2022 regarding commutation value for Government Servant whose date of birth is the first of a month and who retires on the afternoon of the last day of the preceding month. Download (603.46 KB) application/pdf 03.11.2022


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