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276 Taken on strength order in respect of ITS Group A officers Download (59.15 KB) application/pdf 21.05.2021
277 Filling up of one post of Director Admn and Finance in Survey of India Download (1.46 MB) application/pdf 21.05.2021
278 VACANCY CIRCULAR IN INTELLIGENCE BUREAU ON DEPUTATION BASIS Download (551.96 KB) application/pdf 21.05.2021
279 13th One year Diploma Programme in Public Policy and Sustainable Development at TERI School of Advanced Science, New Delhi- commencing from 4th October 2021 Download (3.43 MB) application/pdf 18.05.2021
280 Taken on strength order in respect of Shri Anand Prakash, Staff No. 8273 Download (41.04 KB) application/pdf 17.05.2021
281 Entrustment of additional charge of Director, Finance, BBNL to Shri Awadhesh Kumar, CGM, BBNL Download (381.82 KB) application/pdf 17.05.2021
282 Additional charge of Director, Planning, BBNL to Shri Rajesh Kumar Singh, CGM, SK, BBNL Download (415.46 KB) application/pdf 17.05.2021
283 Additional charge of Director, Operation, BBNL to Shri Vijay Pratap Singh, CGM, Projects, BBNL Download (412.04 KB) application/pdf 17.05.2021
284 Clarification regarding full and final settlement of bills-claims pertaining to LTC Special Cash Package Scheme Download (176.62 KB) application/pdf 14.05.2021
285 References-Representations-Court Cases for granting notional increment for pensionary benefits in pursuance of the judgement dated 15 09 2017 of Honble High Court of Madras in WP No 15732 of 2017 in the case of P Ayyamperumal Vs Union of India & Ors Download (942.57 KB) application/pdf 13.05.2021
286 VRS of Shri Vikas Nayak staff No 21031 regarding Download (33.94 KB) application/pdf 13.05.2021
287 Taken on Strength order in respect of Group A ITS officers Download (71.43 KB) application/pdf 13.05.2021
288 offer of appointment to the post of JTO in Department of Telecommunication on the basis of ESE 2019 Reserve List Download (4.7 MB) application/pdf 13.05.2021
289 Struck off order of Shri Yashwant Krishna Gaikwad Staff No. 112335 ADG DoT expired on 12/05/2021 Download (38.88 KB) application/pdf 13.05.2021
290 Posting of ITS Group A to the grade of Director General Telecom in Apex scale- Regarding Download (430.28 KB) application/pdf 13.05.2021
291 Coverage under CCS Pension Rules 1972 in place of NPS of those Central Government employees whose selection for appointment was finalised before 01 01 2004 but who joined Government Service on or after 01 01 2004 Download (480.04 KB) application/pdf 12.05.2021
292 12 Week Online Certificate course on: Network Security - for DoT officers by NTIPRIT, commencing from 17th May 2021 Download (646.16 KB) application/pdf 12.05.2021
293 Entrustment of additional charge of Director, Finance, MTNL to Smt Yojanan Das, Director Finance, BSNL Download (392.22 KB) application/pdf 12.05.2021
294 Missing APARs of ITS Group A- Regarding Download (230.52 KB) application/pdf 11.05.2021
295 Date of next increment under Rule 10 of Central Civil Services Revised Pay Rules 2016 Clarification Download (803.19 KB) application/pdf 11.05.2021
296 VRS of Shri K Ramchand- Regarding Download (625.49 KB) application/pdf 11.05.2021
297 One Day Training Programme on: IP Technologies and LAN Networking- Organized by NTIPRIT on 12.05.2021 Download (419.41 KB) application/pdf 10.05.2021
298 Struck off order of Shri Sanjiv Kumar Prajapati, Staff No. 20025, from the strength of DoT-regarding Download (37.68 KB) application/pdf 10.05.2021
299 DoP and PW Gazette Notification dated 30th March 2021 regarding Central Civil Services - Implementation of National Pension System - Rules, 2021. Download (1.16 MB) application/pdf 10.05.2021
300 Resignations of Government Nominee Directors after sale of Government stake in TCL Download (393.35 KB) application/pdf 10.05.2021


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