Indian Telegraph Rule

Gazette notification on 'Flight and Maritime Connectivity Rules-2018'
Notification Dtd. 19/06/2017 regarding Indian Right of Way Rules, 2016
Panic Button and GPS facility in all Mobile Phone Handsets (Amendments) Rules, 2017 dtd 23/11/2017
Prevention of tampering of the Mobile Device Equipment Identification Number Rules,2017 dtd 25/08/2017
Temporary Suspension of Services Rules 2017
Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules_06Sept2017
Indian Telegraph ROW Rules 2017
Indian Telegraph ROW Rules 2016
Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules_01June2017
Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules_24May2017
Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules_18May2017
Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules_2May2017
Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules_20April2017
Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules_31March2017
Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules_28March2017
Dated 8th February, 2014, Rule 419A
Dated 28th March, 2012, Rules 525 & 526
Dated 28th Janauary, 2010, Rule 452,453,455,456,457,459
Dated 18th July, 2008, Rules 525 & 526
Dated 1st March, 2007, Rule 419A
Dated 17th November, 2006, Rules 523, 525 & 526
Dated 26th March, 2004, Rules 523-527
Dated 16th February, 1999, Rule 419A
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