Allotment of MSC Codes

S.No Title Download Dated
72 Allocation of MSC Codes to M/s Idea Cellular Ltd(MP,Maharashtra,Rajasthan,AP) Download (32.96 KB) application/pdf 17.04.2013
71 Allocation of MSC Codes to M/s Bharti Hexacom Ltd(Rajasthan) Download (32.96 KB) application/pdf 17.04.2013
70 Allocation of MSC Codes to M/s Bharti Airtel Ltd ( Bihar ) Download (25.71 KB) application/pdf 11.02.2013
69 Allocation of MSC Codes to M/s Vodafone Essar Cellular Ltd ( Maharashtra ) Download (25.71 KB) application/pdf 11.02.2013
68 Allocation of MSC Codes to M/s Bharti Airtel Ltd(Maharashtra,UP-East,Orissa,Bihar) Download (32.96 KB) application/pdf 17.04.2013
67 Allocation of MSC Codes to M/s Idea Cellular Ltd ( Maharashtra , Madhya Pradesh ) Download (25.71 KB) application/pdf 11.02.2013
66 Allocation or MSC Code to the M/s Idea Cellular Ltd (MP,Maharashtra,UP-East LSAs),M/s Reliance Telecom Ltd(MP LSA), M/s Bharti Airtel Limited (Mumbai LSA),M/s Aircel Limited(Eajasthan LSA),M/sVodafone(UP-East LSA) Download (37.82 KB) application/pdf 29.07.2013
65 Allocation of MSC coes of WB,MP,ASSAM,Gujarat,UP East, Kerala,Bihar, ,UP WEST,Delhi Metro Download (48.78 KB) application/pdf 02.09.2013
64 Allocation of MSC Code to M/s Dishnet Wireless Ltd(Kolkatta), M/s Idea Cellular Ltd( Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan & Gujrat), M/s Reliance Communication Ltd (AP & Tamilnadu) and M/s Bharti Airtel Ltd (AP & Orissa). Download (31.34 KB) application/pdf 15.10.2013
63 Allocation of MSC Code to M/s Idea Cellular LTD for Tamilnadu,West Bengai and Assam LSA. Download (26.36 KB) application/pdf 29.10.2013
62 Allocation of Msc Code to M/s Vodafone Mobile Services Ltd,M/s Idea Cellular Ltd.(MP LSA),M/s Vodafone Cellular Ltd.(Maharastra LSA),,Dishnet Wireless Ltd.(UP EAST LSA). Download (732.03 KB) application/pdf 20.11.2013
61 Allocation of MSC Code to M/s Vodaphone Mobile Services Ltd.((Delhi LSA), M/s Idea Cellular Ltd(MP LSA),M/s Vodafone Cellular Ltd(Maharastra LSA),Dishnet Wireless Ltd.(UP EAST LSA) Download (919.77 KB) application/pdf 26.11.2013
60 Akllocation of MSC codes M/S RJIL 422 LSAs (Namely WB, AP, Assam, Bihar, Gujrat, Haryana, HP, J&K, Karnataka, Karala, MP, Maharastra, NE, Orrisda, Punjab, Rajasthan, TN, UP-W, UP-E, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, M/S RCL for J&K LSA, M/s Unitech (Now M/S Telewin Download (1.19 MB) application/pdf 11.12.2013
59 Allocation of (1) Local Routing Number(LRN) for Mobile Access Services (2) Telemarketing codes for Mobile and Basic Access to M/s Reliance Jio Infocom Limited (RJIL) for 22 LSAs(namely: WB,AP,Assam,Bihar,Gujrat,,Haryana, HP,J&K,Karnatka,Kerala,MP,MH,NE,O Download (82.4 KB) application/pdf 17.12.2013
58 Allocation of MSC code to M/s Bharti Airtel Limited (Karnatka,Rajasthan,MP) &M/s Idea Cellular Ltd (Kerala & Karnatka) Download (230.84 KB) application/pdf 03.01.2014
57 Allocation of MCC & MNC Codes for Mobile Access Services to M/s RJIL for 22LSAs Download (15.16 KB) application/pdf 08.01.2014
56 Allocation of MCC Codes to M/s Vodafone, Digilink ltd(HR), M/s Vodafone Cellular ltd(MH) and kerala, M/s bharti airtel ltd.(MH, AP& Bihar), M/s Reliance telecom ltd. (WB), dishnet wireless ltd.(WB,Asam) and m/s videocone Telecommunuication ltd.(MP). Download (432.57 KB) application/pdf 03.02.2014
55 Allocation of MSC codes to M/Sbharti airtel ltd (WB), M/s Vodafone Spacetel ltd.(MP), M/s vodafone spacetel(Asam), m/s vodafone west ltd(Gujrat), M/s Vodafone Digilink ltd(UP-E), M/s Idea cellular ltd(Kerala), M/s Vodafone South ltd(WB), M/s Vodafone spa Download (336.47 KB) application/pdf 03.02.2014
54 Allocation of MSC Code to M/s Idea Cellular Limited (Andhra Prakash,Mumbai, Gujrat,Maharastra), M/s Vodaphone India Limited(Mumbai), M/s Bharti Aircel Ltd Delhi,Gujrat & Kolkatta),M/sAircel Limited(Maharastra), M/s Telewings Communications Services Pvt Download (31.48 KB) application/pdf 14.02.2014
53 Allocation of MSC Code Download (30.18 KB) application/pdf 07.04.2014


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