Electrification of non-electrified telecom towers

  • Modified by admin on 21.06.2016

    Coordination with Ministry of Power, NITI AAYOG, REC and telecom industry is being done for electrification of non-electrified telecom towers under DDUGJY scheme. The matter is monitored by PMO under infrastructure targets 2015-2016 and updating of e-Samiksha portal of Cabinet Secretariat for ID Nos. 517/85 and 537/3 is being done by DDG (EW).The data regarding non-electrified telecom tower sites pertaining to five states (Total -7067 sites) was shared with REC and Ministry of Power on 28.12.2015.

    Further, as required by REC, TAIPA (Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association) & BSNL have updated and refined the data pertaining to non-electrified telecom tower sites for all states (Total- 10,307 sites), which has been shared with REC and Ministry of Power on 16.02.2016 as detailed below:

    • Assam- 1152 sites, Bihar- 2852 sites, Jharkhand- 790 sites, UP- 1834 sites , West Bengal- 901 sites , AP- 116 sites, MP& Chhattisgarh- 197 sites, Delhi/ NCR- 56 sites, Haryana- 175 sites, Himachal Pradesh- 80 sites, Gujarat- 82 sites, J& K- 248 sites, Karnataka- 141 sites, Kerala- 259 sites, Maharashtra & Goa- 445 sites, Odisha- 442 sites, Punjab- 149 sites, Rajasthan- 260 sites, Tamil Nadu- 118 sites, Uttarakhand- 10 sites
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